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Aug 24, 2006, 11:53 AM
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In my opinion chat lines *should* contain a timestamp at the beginning as well as some other tag that differs them from other types. The program can log everything and you can later filter out the lines you want yourself or tell the program to save the log and filter out the lines you (don't) want. In J2M I used a similar format for the logger.

Jazz 2 Mutation Build 132
Logging started on 7.2.2006 at 21:32:16.
LOG[21:32:16]: Loading Jazz 2 Mutation
LOG[21:32:16]: Opening log window
LOG[21:32:16]: Detected Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
LOG[21:32:16]: Initializing program engine
LOG[21:32:16]: System path is D:\Visual Basic\JJ2\Mutation\Mutation.exe
LOG[21:32:16]: Log path is D:\Visual Basic\JJ2\Mutation\Logs\J2M_2006-2-7_21-32-16.log
LOG[21:32:16]: Loading and applying program settings
LOG[21:32:16]: Loading program windows
LOG[21:32:17]: Jazz 2 Mutation is up and running
USR[21:32:20]: Manually enabled
LOG[21:32:20]: Enabling Jazz 2 Mutation
LOG[21:32:20]: Found Jazz Jackrabbit 2 v1.23
GAM[21:32:20]: Level Mixer adjusted next level (igs_023.j2l)
GAM[21:33:05]: Level Mixer adjusted next level (igs_044.j2l)


GAM[9:21:13]: Time limit reached (15 min)
GAM[9:21:18]: Level Mixer adjusted next level (igs_002.j2l)
LOG[9:31:25]: Waiting for Jazz Jackrabbit 2...
USR[9:31:27]: Exiting program
LOG[9:31:27]: Jazz 2 Mutation stopped after 689880 loops
LOG[9:31:27]: Program is now unloading
LOG[9:31:27]: Saving program settings
LOG[9:31:27]: Unloading program windows
LOG[9:31:27]: Shutting down engine
Logging stopped on 8.2.2006 at 9:31:27.
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