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May 15, 2015, 05:51 AM
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...This thread took an interesting turn, hahahaha.

Originally Posted by Darkhog View Post
At this point I think it'd be better to just remake JJ3 from scratch in one of modern engines rather than trying to polish the turd. Let's face it - engine used to make JJ3 is OLD and no matter what you'll try, it will never look nearly as good as it could be if made in a modern engine such as Unity.
Actually Unreal Engine 1.0 is still very good... And no, I'm not even joking here.
Try running old UE1 games on your modern machine. Chances are most of them will work flawlessly, even with proper widescreen resolutions (None of that stretched aspect ratio crap) and other handy things. It also provides excellent mod support.
And it just runs very well nowdays, with proper framerate and without any real compatibility problems. I have no idea how they did it but even most of the old beta and alpha UE1 things (Including JJ3) just run flawlessly. You can't really say that about like.... 99.9% other game engines out there that are as old as UE1.

What I'm saying here is... no, UE1 is not a turd. it's actually pretty awesome
The only real problem is that it's closed source and doing anything commercial with it would be somewhat problematic, as I'm sure Epic would just direct any UE1 developer to go and use their new high-tech UE4 engine that doesn't even have a proper scripting layer.

Also I've seen worse looking games made with Unity. it all really just depends on the developers themselves =)

Oh yeah, I completely forgot.
I actually worked on this one project some time ago for this one game development competition.
I was given ~2-3 weeks. Here's what I came up with:

And yes, I was kinda inspired by JJ3. There's also some "Croc 3" in there, if you can find it.