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May 27, 2015, 11:46 AM
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Mother (Or EarthBound) is not a Nintendo game. Those games were only published by Nintendo and had little involvement in their development.
Also EarthBound 64 (Aka Mother 3) most likely did not use UE1, as the N64 probably couldn't even handle it properly (Although that's arguable, I'd love to see it happen). Besides there probably wouldn't have been much of a reason to use UE1 for Mother 3, anyway.

Originally Posted by Primpy View Post
Well, actually, most of my friends find Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 unappealing. However, when I showed them Jazz 3D, they were actually interested into it. Some people find 3D more appealing 2D. JJ3D is actually quite a great game, especially patched. Even though it's incomplete, I find it very enjoyable and would like to see more of it.
I agree, one of the reasons why I actually wanted to do the patch was simply because I thought Jazz3 was pretty good for what it was (And also because, at the time, I wanted to expand my skills on a different engine). I'd love to see a game like this happen, even if it's not Jazz (Hint Hint, the game I'm making right now....).