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Jan 6, 2020, 02:36 PM
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A lot of levels with equal quality among the nominations this year, imo. I was genuinely swapping around my votes a few times before submitting. Good luck!

Best Battle Level: 1: Umbral Thicket, 2: Solstice, 3: Cold Cavern Classic
Best CTF Level: 1: Castle of Devan Shell, 2: Galeloch Castle, 3: Bushido
Best SP Release: 1: Pikitia Ara, 2: Candy Goth, 3: Tipplenborough
Best Level Script: 1: Frigid Fortress, 2: Candy Goth, 3: The Fingers of Icarus
Best Eyecandy: 1: Galeloch Castle, 2: Castle of Devan Shell, 3: The Fingers of Icarus
Best JCSer: 1: Loon, 2: PurpleJazz, 3: Laro B
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