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Jan 10, 2020, 06:05 AM
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Best Battle level:
3rd: Fingers of Icarus
2nd: Astolfo
1st: Umbral Thicket

Best CTF level:
3rd: Scarwood
2nd: TCS Remastered
1st: Galeloch Castle

Best SP level:
3rd: TOMB: Another Rabbit's Story
2nd: Frigid Fortress
1st: Candy Goth

Best Level Script:
3rd: Astolfo
2nd: Candy Goth
1st: Frigid Fortress

Best Eyecandy:
3rd: Fingers of Icarus
2nd: Galeloch Castle
1st: Astolfo

Best JCS'er
3rd: cooba
2nd: Violet CLM
1st: PurpleJazz

Most improved JCS'er:

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