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Feb 1, 2014, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Violet CLM View Post
Also, if there's anyone out there who understands how music works, I'd love to use the actual Sonic songs in this, instead of whatever existing JJ1 songs I think match the best. Unfortunately I am not someone who understands how music works, and when I have found module versions of the Sonic soundtrack, feeding them into convert.exe has produced incoherent screeching messes. Or errors.
I can safely volunteer to help with this, if you are talking about .s3m files I can edit them with Open Modplug Tracker.

Jazz Jackrabbit games tend to already use converted versions of .s3m files, so I agree that would be the easiest format to convert to for a JJ1 game.

The only thing special about certain songs that work for the JJ series is that you can implement an automatic loop in the composition of the song for longer levels. But that shouldn't be necessary for a particular piece in general

However, I want to denote that the premise of "Sonic with a gun" is kind of broken with a Jazz as the main character.

Well, here's a preview of the .s3m file I made. I guess that .s3m should be able to convert to JJ1 music.

Actually you can download it in .ogg format there. You might have an easier time implementing .ogg into JJ1 than you would have trying to use an Amiga-based format for a game for MS-DOS that can now only be run on Windows. :P

Plus overall the final version of my track is an .OGG file as opposed to an .S3M file. The .s3m of this song is ~24 MB and the .OGG file is only ~3 MB.

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