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Jan 14, 2015, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Primpy View Post
In my oppinion, if the art was supposed to look the same way as a certain character and it doesn't, it's a piece of crap. As long as I don't draw a perfect Jazz, my art is terrible.
That's also a terrible mentality. Terrible is a strong word to use. If you think in black and white, you're not going to get very far.

What's in between terrible and perfect? Many things; Very bad, Bad, mediocre, decent, good and great.

The important thing isn't about being as perfect as possible, but seeing and creating progress. Likewise, if someone completely copies official art (aka 50% of deviantart submissions) it may look "perfect" because it "looks the same way as a certain character", but did they really learn how to create good art? Likely not.

I find copied/traced artwork incredibly boring.

If I don't like how my art comes out, I'm not going to be like "UGH THIS IS TERRIBLE" but "What makes it look off, what can I do to improve it and what looks good about it?". I may be an ass at times, though I'm not one of those toxic pessimists, who encourages others to give up, simply because they came out with poor results.

I've also seen several attempts of stylised fanart, and it can look really good, sometimes even better than the official style (though more often than not I think it's just different). I stylise my fanart a little out of preference as I'm not a big fan of fisheye expressions and eyes overlapping.

But I don't think that saying lying about what they think of their own art is a good thing to say either. As everyone has their own preferences and standards.

Just remember, well, it's not as fat-faced as this thing, which is official merchandise:


Jazz Jackrabbit group: