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Apr 6, 2021, 06:42 AM
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Thanks for your reply and doing some research on GBATemp on what I have done! That you say it "looks like BatteryCheck" is really a great complement! My goal with the remake has been to make it near 100% identical in gameplay to the original.

The pictures are a resonable representation of my progress. Most of them are from my blog post I see, since they are from the PlatStation 2 version actually. Just want to make clear that picture "d" is actually showing a bug on the 3DS version.

The JJ2 file format documentation was essential for my project! Couldn't have done this without it. Thanks for the extra links, I completely forgot to mention that post from Jerrythabest and a number of other posts I got some missing info from. That post was essential in it's own right in decoding the events and parameters. I made note's in my sourcecode were possible to give credit to the original source. I think you might be mentioned in there once or twice

If it helps, I can supply the details on the samples in the J2A file to complete the documentation. I have figured out the sample rate and how to extract them from data4. It was based on a few JJ2 projects to dump sound effects and I was able to apply that in my project. I have access to all of BatteryCheck's sound effects! Just not sure how they are mapped to events or something. So I had just listened to them and what I recognized I now use. Especially collecting batteries, extra life, jumping falling, walking etc.

The music play's to on the 3DS. But I need to port libmikmod to the GameCube and Wii before I can enable the music there to. It loads from the available .xm files.