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Sep 2, 2019, 10:49 AM
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It might sound like complicated stuff these .pdf files might explain progress of JazzGruff's unofficial open source Jazz Jackrabbit 3 patches. He never explained you guys how's Unreal Editor 1 working. I played Doom 2 mod Jazz Jackrabbit is in Doom and it was very impressive. Of course it seems he had to know basics of Unreal Engine/Editor 1 first. Some users from old unreal forums gave me two download links of Unreal Editor 1 manual guides.
Look what I did.
It's just exporting error that I'll have to solve it by myself. Which is the next Jazz Jackrabbit? Will it be Quake 1,Half-Life 1 or Unreal 1 game mod a'la Jazz Jackrabbit?
I had to convert .chm files to .pdf files.