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Jun 17, 2018, 02:37 AM
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JDC 29 Logo Contest

With a brand new JDC season approaching rapidly on the horizon, it's about time the website had a new logo. Since the major JDC revamp a few years ago, we've been designing our own logos internally; but this time we're asking you, the community, to do the honors! For reference, you can find a gallery of all past winning logo submissions for JDC in this thread.

Here are the contest rules:
  • Logos must have dimensions of 960x160.
  • Logos should be in .png or .jpg format, but preferably .png.
  • The text "JDC" and/or "Jazz Duelist's Challenge" must be present somewhere on the logo, but any other text is completely optional. While it is okay to put season-specific numbering on the logo (i.e. "JDC 29"), note that without it your logo could be potentially reconsidered for future seasons if it is not used this time, unless of course you're able to adjust this at a later date.
  • Logos must visually represent some aspect of JJ2; it does not have to directly incoporate a character from the game itself but it should at least unmistakably make you think of JJ2 when you look at it.
  • The color scheme should not clash excessively with our current website design.
  • Using any official assets (sprites, developer artwork etc) is fair game; however if use fan art other than your own, please give credit to the original artist in this thread out of courtesy (asking for permission would be a good idea too).
  • You may submit as many logo designs as you want, although only one will be selected to be used as this season's logo.
You have until Friday 29th June to submit your logo designs. Good luck!