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Oct 25, 2018, 02:37 PM
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Holiday Hare 18

It's out!


Thanks to Shadow's idea last year, a project came about to create an unofficial Holiday Hare episode by community effort. It was deemed fun to make, and gained decent reviews. So naturally, discussions on a followup episode for 2018 have been ongoing over at the JJ Discord.

So what's in store
Everyone with decent understanding of JCS can volunteer to make a level for this pack. It's preferable to share what tileset you're going to use and, eventually, where you'll want your level to fit chronologically in the story of the pack. It's okay to give levels your own touch, that's the beauty of having multiple authors! But any (custom) weapon availability should be carefully discussed since they may interfere with next level's gameplay. And as excessive difficulty was an apparent problem with HH17, it'd be nice if we can keep it toned down a little this time around. Ideally, we should make proper use of the difficulty settings to give at least Easy (or maybe even Normal) players a walk in the park.

The storyline
Although it's not really important for a pack like this, there are 2 basic storylines proposed and still open to discussion. One goes along the lines of Devan 'Claus' hijacking Santa's workshop to create an army of mechanized toys in order to take over Carrotus, perhaps with the help of last years Dragon's descendants. The other goes like Devan creating a snow/ice machine to freeze the rabbit's planets in the hopes of reclaiming them for the Turtle Terrorists, or something along those lines.

The planning
Since it's still early we have more time to plan stuff this time around, but here are some guidelines that may help get things moving:

Through Nov 1: Planning and coordination
From Nov 1 through Dec 1: Levelmaking
From Dec 1 through Dec 24: Tweaking, testing, and pack assembly
Dec 24: Release!

The levelmakers so far

lvl1: Jelly Jam
lvl2: PT32
lvl3: Archon
lvl4: Primpy
lvl5: happygreenfrog
lvl6: Slaz
lvl7: Loon
Boss: PurpleJazz

Custom scripts: Smoke, PurpleJazz
Episode artwork: TurkoJAR, Roobar

How to apply
Best to ask here or on the jcs-and-scripting channel of the JJ Discord to join in on the discussion. Discord is mostly used for coordination and sharing. Be sure to share your level private among volunteers for betatesting to prevent spoilers.
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