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Jan 14, 2018, 01:42 PM
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Best Battle Level: Outgrown - FireSworD
Best CTF Level: Skyward Showdown - PurpleJazz
Best Other MP Level: One Froggy Evening (BR) - Violet CLM
Best Mutator: Level Guide - Stijn
Best JCSer: Loon - Rovaniemi, Total Annihilation II: Aftershock - it was so hard to make a decision between the Battle and CTF levels and even though I didn't vote for Loon there TA II is truly amazing and in my opinion one of the best MP packs of all time. That's why I am voting for Loon here. There were several other nominees who had a great year though. Seeing all of the releases this year does inspire me a bit so maybe this year I will actually release something?
Most Improved JCSer: Smoke
the epicness itself:

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