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Jan 14, 2018, 04:48 PM
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We've got the results!

Best Battle Level of 2017

Outgrown - FireSworD (6.5)
Hyperviolence! - PurpleJazz (5.25)
Orbital Barrage - TreyLina (5)

This award in particular was hotly contested. 2017 saw a number of very high quality Battle levels, and with such a diverse range of tastes being catered for, it was difficult to pick a clear favourite. After the dust settled, an eventual winner emerged: FireSworD has once again proven his ability to make exceptional Battle levels, having won this particular award more times than I can recall. Outgrown happens to be one of his finest yet both visually and in terms of gameplay, and has proven to be a favourite during JDC events this year. It seems bigger may well be better these days, as the two runners up for this award are also large, spaceous levels with plenty of ammo!

Best CTF Level of 2017

Skyward Showdown - PurpleJazz (9)
The Price of Admission - cooba (2.75)
Molten Core - Smoke (1.5)
Polaris - PurpleJazz (1.5)

I'm honored that my level has been beloved by so many of you. It was gathering dust on my hard drive for literally years and I'm glad I was finally able to finish it with style in 2017. Big props to The Price of Admission, which has an innovative, tactical design that's well worth taking out for a spin in a 3vs3. Molten Core is also recommended if you're looking for some messy fun!

Best Other MP Level of 2017

One Froggy Evening - Violet CLM (8)
The Price of Admission (JB) - cooba (2.5)
Isaac Newton's Gameroom - Jelly Jam (1)

Probably the most avant-garde level released this year, One Froggy Evening is something every JJ2er should experience. It has absolutely beautiful aesthetics and the gameplay is unlike any MP level you'll have played to date. The concept may not be for everyone, but I encourage people to take creative design risks, and Violet has definitely achieved what he set out to do. Those looking for an alternative gameplay experience to the norm will not be disappointed.

Best SP Release of 2017

A Nightmare Before Christmas - Blackraptor (6)
Snowball Valley - PurpleJazz / Sir Ementaler (5.25)
Hoarfrost Hollow - cooba (3.25)

Blackraptor takes the gold medal in this category for the second year running with a behemoth of a level. It manages to convey a sense of warmth, terror and haunting surrealism all within its span. With visuals so unique, secrets so rewarding and gameplay so challenging, this is absolutely recommended to anyone looking for a fantastic Single Player experience. I'm very happy to see people enjoyed Snowball Valley, as it was my first finished SP level in over 10 years. Hoarfrost Hollow is also a real treat for those looking to play something with a bit of a twist over your standard level design, and is very professionally made all around. Seriously, go play Holiday Hare '17 if you haven't yet already!

Best Level Script of 2017

One Froggy Evening - Violet CLM (4)
Skyward Showdown - PurpleJazz (4)
Snowball Valley - PurpleJazz / Sir Ementaler (4)
Seasons of Diamondus - PurpleJazz (3)
Hyperspace - FireSworD (2)

We have a three-way tie! It's a difficult category to call as people have such varying tastes as to what they expect from scripted levels. Go check these levels out and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to try some things out yourself!

Best Mutator of 2017

Level Guide - Stijn (7.75)
Random Class Selection - Sir Ementaler (5.25)
Arcane Weapons - PurpleJazz (3.5)

While not so much a Mutator in the traditional sense as being more of a server utility, Level Guide takes a well deserved top spot as it's been of immeasurable help in JDC events in particular, as it allows people who may not be familiar with a particular level to get stuck in right away. Random Class Selection is also a cool new toy to play with, that can change up the typical gameplay in any level by giving people weapons from the word go.

Best Custom Weapon of 2017

Redeemer - PurpleJazz (6.4)
Roller - Sir Ementaler (3.5)
Energy Blast - Sir Ementaler (3.4)

Kaboom! I think Roller is honestly the slickest new weapon this year (who doesn't want to be a ninja?), and Energy Blast is one of the most unique (and would be a fantastic addition to any Race level in particular). Regardless of what weapon you preferred, it's clear 2017 was the era of cool custom weapons!

Best JCSer of 2017

PurpleJazz (11)
Loon (2.75)
FireSworD (2.5)

...I'm honestly speechless. I can't express how ecstatic I am to be given this honour a second time and by such a wide margin. Thank you so much for all your votes, and continue to expect more stuff from me in 2018! Well done to Loon and FS, well deserved runners up!

Most Improved JCSer of 2017

Smoke (9.5)
Jelly Jam (6)
Warren (1.25)

2017 saw a number of JCSers make their biggest splash in the scene to date. Both Smoke and Jelly Jam in particular have left quite big impressions, and both have oceans of potential going into 2018. Smoke takes the honor this year though for his wacky party-sized levels, each with unique visual design due to his quirk of using original tileset conversions in every one of his levels. I highly doubt we've seen the best of either of these two, so there's much to look forward to! Props to Warren as well for making two solid, enjoyable CTF levels out of relative obscurity.

All in all I think 2017 has been a great year - it's hard to say how things would've played out without the GOG release, and how much of an impact it will have in 2018, but I'm very optimistic on the whole. With AB20 on the horizon, who knows what may come.

Big thank you to everyone for being such a wonderful community

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