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Dec 9, 2019, 02:17 AM
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - Single Player DLC Livestream

Hi Jazzy-friends,

I'll try keep it short. This week, two years ago, I started doing livestreams on which I play older games than most of the streamers. Allmost all games are classic MS-DOS games. Though, the very first livestream was no Dosgame at all... it was Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Since those two years the community grew. We even have our own Discord-channel! Since january this year I decided to dedicate every monday-evening to livestreaming the games we know from back in the day.

To celebrate that this has been over two years now, and the fact that Jazz Jackrabbit 2 turns 25 this year, I'd love to spend my evening playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Although, I've seen the standard Episodes many times. From Formally A Prince untill The Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles. Tonight I want to play custom content created by the community. I already downloaded tons of levels/tilesets and Episodes, but if you want to see a specific one, let me know!

I'll even add some special emoji's

You're welcome to join! The livestream starts around 20:30 CET tonight!

I'm sorry if I violated any rules by posting this. That would not be intentional.