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Feb 1, 2013, 02:47 PM
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Awesome! So much stuff to play with..
Works great on Linux too

In the JJ2+ readme: jumpSpeed is misspelled.. should be jumpStrength.

Some AngelScript questions...
  • (SOLVED) Is there a way to change how fast a player can run (speed)? I can change how high the player can jump (sortof with jumpStrength, you can still run and reach higher).
    Edit: This code seem to work:
    void limitSpeed(float speed) {
    	if (p.xSpeed > speed) {
    		p.xSpeed = speed;
    	} else if (p.xSpeed < -speed) {
    		p.xSpeed = -speed;
  • I tried to run a command using jjChat() in the onLevelLoad (as server), and it says "Error: Commands cannot be used while level is cycling".
  • Can I store custom variables for players? Or must I make my own array with player-info/objects?
  • Can I make the blaster have a limited set of ammo, like the other weapons?
  • I want to make a player fire the laser beam (with a recharge delay) without shield, possible? Think Quake3-style, or any game with a sniper.
  • Can I use fireball as one player and pepper spray as another player in the same server?
  • Can I limit the rate the player is allowed to fire a bullet (not faster than current fastfire delay, for example), no matter how fast the player is smashing the fire-key?
  • I want ice/tnt to heal teammates only, how can I do that with AS? I can to that with negative TNT damage and friendlyfire, but that also heals nearby teammates.
  • Can I disable a special move, like uppercut/superjump?
  • (SOLVED) I want some players to have different max-healths, in a class-based gamemode I'm making (TF2).
    Edit: I call this function from a switch-statement in the onPlayer-function, with the desired maxHealth:
    void limitHealth(int maxHealth) {
    	if ( > maxHealth) { = maxHealth;
  • Can i make the TNT delay longer?

Scripting JJ2 is awesome!
WebJCS 2 (new and in progress)
WebJCS 1 (old but complete)
SGIP Simple Games in Progress list
Level Packer v2 - With a GUI!
PHP Tileset Compiler

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