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Feb 14, 2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by GLaDOS View Post
Quick question, does setting p.xOrg and p.yOrg have any effect in multiplayer at all? It doesn't seem like they work for me, the player just respawns at the MP Start / Jazz Start event.
They were a pretty last-minute addition to the API, so I don't really know -- the description in the .html doc may not even be correct -- if that's the behavior you're getting, that's probably what happens.
Originally Posted by GLaDOS View Post
On an unrelated note, is the dev team considering adding access to the player input bitfield? (PlayerStruct + 0x584 if I recall correctly, at least for TSF)
It's one of these things that would allow for some very interesting gimmicks in scripted levels.
Controller input is definitely something that should be exposed to AngelScript somehow; we just need to figure out the most helpful way of doing that, first.
(on an even less related note, perhaps I should move my suggestion/implementation spam into a dedicated thread to make more space for bug reports/help requests/compliments in this thread, I have many more to make and I would really like to contribute to JJ2+'s script API)
No, that's what this thread is for.