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Jan 30, 2019, 03:51 PM
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Yesterday I converted original JMPForts map by using UT4XConverter tool(in options make sure to select direction of Unreal Gold not Jazz Jackrabbit 3 and use 1.3c jazzgruff's unofficial jj3d patch first before using this converting tool) I had some errors with converting it before.Unfortunetely I was trying to export this map to be visible in files explorer of Windows 10, but it failed multiple times even if I was following this tutorial honestly it's just an random example.So if someone here is interested you can import now old jj3d maps to UT4 at least.One more thing in unreal tournament editor there are more game models than 4:
-Capture The Flag
-Showdown...etc.If you want to make custom UT4 jazz Jackrabbit 3 character skin mods check this link before starting swapping ut4 character NPC playable models honestly at least everyone can always try.
So is someone here volunteer to this UT4 game modding project?Will there be revived old online multiplayer gaming servers or some ut4 modified servers?

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