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Jan 26, 2017, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by proud2beamerican View Post
btw. are there any chances for Linux JJ2+? At least somewhere in the future? Honestly I believe that most of the problems I'm facing / faced in the past are due to Wine. I really dislike Wine. This game is the only reason I have it on my computer, I don't use any other Windows stuff.

Maybe that's a lot to wish for, I have absolutely no clue how hard would it be to make JJ2 and JCS Linux-friendly.
Not JJ2+, but Soulweaver is working on an open source clone of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, called Project Carrot. I haven't tried it but it should run on Linux. The JCF thread is here.

I'm working on an open source clone of JCS called WebJCS, since it's made with web technology it runs on all platforms. See the links in my signature to version 1 (old and complete) and 2 (current, but in early stages).
WebJCS 2 (new and in progress)
WebJCS 1 (old but complete)
SGIP Simple Games in Progress list
Level Packer v2 - With a GUI!
PHP Tileset Compiler