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Jan 22, 2007, 12:02 PM
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Ohmigoodness, I can't resist this. I see this thread and I have this horrid newbie desire to post five million character profiles for characters that have never been in stories and whom I am just making up on the spot. It's bad. You know you want to do it too.
I'll try not to succumb to this temptation by just posting my standby character, as I have had a couple requests to be used because I'm the ... bartender.

Name: Ducky V. Greyrabbit

Age: 28.

Gender: Female.

Species: Lop-eared rabbit.

Weaponry: Fights typically with a staff and normally carries two powered up blasters, keeping an RF under the bar.

Occupation/Skills: Ducky is the bartender of the War Tavern(although Coppertop is obviously the driving force!) and has been for many years. She is skilled at hacking and in most computer fields. Ducky was trained in basic combat during and has reasonable fighting skills; enough to, for the most part, defend herself (and her tavern).

Fur: Grey fur darkening to black on ears and paws, to white around the face, tail and stomach.
Eyes: Very pale green.
Hair: Waist length, dark auburn, kept usually in a single braid.
Is painfully and unhealthily thin. Bears white scar on her cheek & left arm.

Clothing: Wears utilitarian clothing in linen and leather, usually a mid-length dress, always black or shades of grey, with black leather boots. A hooded grey cloak is also a staple.

Personality: Ducky is quiet and often pensive and wistful, but she is a social bartender and keeps friends and is easy to get along with, although difficult to become close to. She tends to keep emotional connections at a distance and is not inclined to talk about her past or herself.

Ducky had one brother named Shadow. She was born on Medivo. She lives alone on Diamondus in a small green house.
remember? (:

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