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Aug 20, 2008, 07:51 PM
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Two New Characters that have NOTHINGto do with 'Joshua'. Huzzah! Use them as you will.
Name: Deafth Rengibr
Age: Unknown, but seems to have been built quite some time ago.
Gender: None.
Species: Robot (shaped like a rabbit)
Alignment: Evil

Personality: Deafth was programmed without emotions and lacking all things that would make appear to be 'human'. Cold and cruel, to work alone in it's deadly missions to kill. A design fault made it contiously target random people, so Deafth will continue to stalk an innocent or person that isn't 'important.' instead of a target which would normally take higher priority. If it rarely talks, it's mainly after the victim is dead and doesn't question it's programming, despite it's fault. His creator intended to fix this problem but is currently in a state of statis, his location unknown.

Appearance: Shaped to give other lifeforms the illusion that Deafth looks like a genuine rabbit, with silver colored 'fur' and dark black eyes. Underneath the 'outer-shell' is a tough metal which protects Deafth's vital systems from damage and also houses his main power source and rarely needs to recharge. Tall, physically sturdy...Hedth's unmoving glare intimidates all who approach.

Weapons/Abilites: Deafth has a large arrary of assassination protocols built into his main-system, as well as the power to produce weapons from inside his body. This requires a massive amount of his reactor's power and leaves Deafth immobile for a short period of time to recharge, but the weapon has it's own indiviual power source, while he can fire a lasers of variable power from his fingers and while it isn't prefered, can partially morph his limbs into sharp blades and spin through the air.

Quote: "...Status of Target: Deceased. Seeking out next Target. Objective: Annhilate..."

I have no idea how I came up with THIS guy. Use him how you will.

Name: Reske Necrim
Age: Dunno. Looks and thinks about 30, yet is far younger.
Gender: Male.
Species: Experimental Life-Form/Various
Alignment: TBD (Go ahead and pick, I don't mind)

Background: Reske was brought into existance by a medicore scientist who was trying to create artifcal life to assist in various tasks
such as farming, harvesting as well as complex things like fighting battles and piloting space-ships, making the 'creations' a 'jack-of-all-trades' and benefital for society. While there were many more created, Reske was the very first one to 'come to life', yet unlike his brothers and sisters, possess human-like abilites, such as being able to lie and persuade others to see his view. Some how he and his 'family' get dragged into the battles that are mainly preventing Devan's forces from invading the remaining planets under independent or Carrotus control.

Appearance: While the scientist wasn't too concerned on what sort of shape or type the life-forms he created were, since he is/was(?) a frim believer in equality between all species, Reske was different and somehow ended up being able to morph his shape into various species, another trait his younger siblings do not possess, meaning he can be a middle aged rabbit from one moment and morph into a turtle, hedgehog and other things. Yet his 'standard' form is similar to a normal humaniod in shape, build and size and partially transparent (yet is a light purple in color) and his facial features share this trait, making it hard to see his grey eyes and expression.

Personality: It's hard for Reske to project any sort of emotion or feeling, a flaw that was fixed in the others and tends to take things pretty smoothly, yet occasionally the line between right and wrong seems a bit blurred and may end up siding on the wrong side. He is quite intelligent however and is usually deep in thought when not engaged in some other activity.

Abilites: Apart from the morphing and above average intelligent, Reske still has his 'jack-of-all-trades' trait yet will rarely enter battle unless it's neccessary. He doesn't have many outstanding qualities apart from the ones mentioned and is merely average in everything he does. Strangely enough, in missions with a comrade who's obviously at fault, he will usually lie and claim he was the one who caused the entire mission to fail/be more difficult when it's obvious that wasn't the case.

Weapons: Preferably anything that's long-ranged or using what he makes in his spare time.

Quote: "Sometimes I wonder why others can't be so open to change..."
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