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251. feed [rsg [Today's goal:]] {[Make] {a,the}   n vc2 j,[Make a] n [that] vt5 ns,^v2 [the] n [for] na,^v2 [the] n,[Teach] u [about] na,^v2 u}  .
250. [Sex Position #]#(1,1000)[,] [The] "^J ^Pf": {Grab,Thrust against,Pull,Knock,Feel,Kiss,Fuck,Sniff,Hump,Smack,Whip,Kick}   [your partner's] {ass,pussy,cock,tits,feet,mouth,thighs,nose}   [while they are] {standing,crouching,doing a pushup,sitting,spinning,jumping}   [and shout,] "E!" ^h(3) [again and] {squeeze,pop,blow,explode}   [all over] {his,her}   {ass,tits,stomach,face,hair,eyes}  .
249. feed [rsg * [hears:]] {^V1 ^Ns,[The] ^Ns,^P's ^J ^Ns,^E, ^J,[The New] ^Ns,[The] ^P {Project,Experiment,Experience}  ,^VC1 ^NA,^B}   - {^B1 ^B3,^B,^E... ^B,[An Ode to] p}   [(#:#(10,59))]
248. [Genre-i-nator:] {alternative ,urban ,gangsta ,old-school ,contemporary ,underground ,christian ,east-coast ,adult ,pre-,post-,neo-,progressive ,nu ,fusion ,doom ,classic ,emo-,grind-,indie ,industrial ,underground ,,}  {country,metal,rock,jazz,funk,punk,trance,electronica,techno,acid,soul,rap,hip hop,dance,pop,blues,world,folk,gospel,reggae,industrial,new age,celtic,ambient}  {core, wave,,,,,}  
247. [With his dying breath,] u [began to speak, saying,] "^b1..." [He] {coughed,weezed,fell over,closed his eyes,began to cry}   [and then finished] {lamely,dramatically,with special emphasis,with a smile on his face,with a tear in his eye}  , "..._b3" [And then he died.]
246. ^na [leads to] na. ^h(2) [leads to] na. ^h(3) [leads to] na. ^h(4) [leads to THE DARK SIDE.]
245. b [(Score:] #(0,5), ^J)
244. [Next] {release party,gig,festival appearance,concert}   [for] ^N {For My,Of,From,By,The Broken}   ^N: {Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec}   #(1,2)# 20#(7,19), ^L - [$]#(5,30) [at the door,] {AA,EOE,18+,21+,MTF}  
243. ^na [can be summarized in] #(4,10) [words:] "^B1 ^B3"
242. [Current channel sexy-o-meter ratings: 4HOT <]{-,--,---,}  u{-,--,---,----,-----,}  7{-,--,---,----,}  u{-,--,---,}  11{-,--,---,----,}  u{-,--,---,----,-----,}  12{-,--,---,----,-----,}  u> [cold as a fish]
241. u['s dating forecast:] {Single,In a relationship,Not looking,Dating,Married,Taking applications,Playing around,Uncertain,In love,Pet,Pet owner}   {,,,till Monday,through tomorrow,starting later tonight,early in the morning,for the weekend,till death do us part}   {,,,,with a 50% chance of flings,with scattered drama,with some uncertainty,and doomed to fail,with light flirting,with expected heavy petting later on,but looking around
240. u's [chances of getting laid in the next] #(2,12) {minutes,hours,days,weeks,months,years}  : {In the bag,Very High,High,Moderate,Slim,Very Slim,Nearly impossible}  . [When it happens, it will most likely be with:] p.
239. [Welcome to] ^B2, {Washington,Ohio,California,Texas,New York,North Dakota}  , [pop.] #(10,9999) - [The] "^B" {City,Capital of the World}  !
238. b2... b2... b2... e... H(3)!!!! H(3)!!!!!!!
237. b ma
236. _b2 h(1) h(1) h(1) ^H(1) ^H(1) ^H(1) H(1) H(1) H(1) H(1) H(1) H(1)!!!!!!!!!!!!
235. feed [rsg] {++,--,+-}  {p,v1,ns,pf "e" pl}  
234. [Knock knock. Who's there?] ^b1. ^h(1) [who?] ^h(1) _b3.
233. [Blog entry for] {January,February,May,June,September,November,December}   #(1,31), #(1960,2010): [Today] {kicked ass,sucked}  . [I was in the shower and my] n [popped out of my] {hands,mouth,ass,bellybutton}  . [Then I asked a girl out and she said] "b". [If there is one thing I want to do with my life at this point, it's] v2 [it.]
232. [Roses are red, violets are blue], _b
231. b1 b3 (b1 b2)
230. [The story shall be called:] ^B1 ^B3
229. E!! [THIS] N [IS] D J{.,?,!,!!,?!,!?,??,...}  
228. J [DEAL: BUY ONE] N [GET] #(2,1000) NS {FREE,FOR ONE PENNY}  !
227. [Famous last words:] "^b" -pf "^E" pl
226. [Roses are] j[, violets are] j, q ma
225. [If] pf pl [and] u [had a baby, it would be named] pf "^E" h(2), [be] #(4,8).#(0,99) [feet tall, look adorably] j, [and love] ns. [Later it would become] {overweight,sick,famous,deadly}   [as well as known for being] j [throughout all of] l.
224. pf pl [was born in] #(1700,2000) [to immigrants from] l. [Started like as a] v2[er, but left for] l [to pursue a career helping] j [people] v2 [their problems.]
223. "^e! b" {screamed,said,yelled,whispered}   pf.. {sh,h}  [e'd been] v1 [that so-called] 'n' [a little too much today. "Perhaps I should go back to] l [and learn how to be more] j," h(3) [thought. Yet] h(4)[e was doomed to be] j [forever.] ma
222. pf pl['s Bio: Professional] ^V2[-er;] #(1,10) [years experience] v1 [children; hobbies include:] {fishing,hunting,gaming,exploding}  , v1 [friends, and being especially] j. [Favourite quote:] "q"
221. [I am going to watch] {Dai,Su,Ko,Nu,Ne,Ru,Do,Ri,Tsu,No,O,Yu}  {dai,su,ko,nu,ne,ru,do,ri,tsu,no,o,yu}  {dai,su,ko,nu,ne,ru,do,ri,tsu,no,o,yu}   {Dai,Su,Ko,Nu,Ne,Ru,Do,Ri,Tsu,No,O,Yu}  {dai,su,ko,nu,ne,ru,do,ri,tsu,no,o,yu}  {,,n}   {,,II,III}   [now.] E, u-{chan,san,tan}   ma
220. p ([born] {January,Feburary,May,June,July,September,November,December}   #(1,28) 1### [as] pf Tctvh(6)tctv pl [in] l) [is a] j {actor,author,political commentator,news anchor,radio host,drummer,guitarist}   [best known for the classic work] "^Ns [of the] ^L", [and the satire] "^E! [And Other] ^J [Events in My Life"
219. [Hi, my name is] pf pl, [but everyone calls me] "Tctvtvtctv [the] ^N". {Sometimes I enjoy,Late at night I often try,I'll never forget the time I was,My favourite repressed memory is when I was}   v1 [my]{ mom, dad, dog, cat,self, best friend, internet compadre}   [with a] {sharp,wooden,boiling,infected,gay}   n. ^e, [those were good times.]
218. pf "^B1" pl v3 {the,his,my,your,her,his girlfriend with a,the Queen underneath her,and turned into a,a,the almighty,some asshole's,the broken,himself with a,the children and a,with a disgusting,while dreaming about a,a god damn fucking son of a bitch,God's,Satan's,to the}   n.
217. [The currency of] l [is known as the] "n", [which typically bear pictures of] p, p, [the national object:] ns, [and their motto:] "b1 {and freedom,for liberty,and prosperity}  ."
216. [A new RPG: Take a] j {boy,girl}   [and an evil] n & [army of] j ns. [The] h(1) h(2) [meets up with] p, p, & p. [Each with their own weapons, the] h(1) h(2) [with the allmighty] n, h(6)['s] n, h(7)['s] n, & h(8)['s dual] ns, [attempting to stop] h(3), [whom took over] l.
215. p, [a hero from the war of] n & ns, [decided to save the day once again. Armed with his] j n, [he set out to] v2 [his arch-enemy] p [and his sidekick] j[boy]. [Little did he know that] h(7) [was] v1 ns!
214. [Hey] u! [How would you like to] v2 ns [for a living? Just buy my new] n [for the] j j [price of ]#(1,9)#.## {dollars,pounds,lira,carrots,meso,meseta,GP}  ! [That's right! We're not] j! [Just listen to] u['s testimony:] "q" [Just call] ###-#### [and ask about this] {incredible,amazing,insane,brilliant new,brand new}   h(4)!
213. [Feeling] j? [Purchase a brand new] N #(1,9){000,00,.0}   [and relieve that] h(1)[-ish feeling] {today,soon,in no time}  ! [It'll have you] {saying,screaming,thinking}   "E!" [in no time]!
212. <u> {God damn you!,What the hell is wrong with you?!,How could you let things come to this?,When is it going to stop?,Go to hell.,Please, just leave me alone.,We're through!}   b, {you fucking pig!, you raped me!, so get off your ass!, you child molestor!, give me back my drugs!}  
211. [Alright, my life story... Born in] l [in] ####, d [raised by] p r l, [then started ] v1 ns [with my partner] u. [When] h(8) [started] v1 [me, I obviously] d [started] v1 j ns. [I made a lot of money and started] a n[. The end!]
210. [The] l [server! always] j
209. N[WORLD] #(2000,3000)... v2 [this server!]
208. [The] j [Race...] u [will be banned on sight]
207. u's [PAY] NS [GET] NS [SERVER]
206. [JDC] n-n [Pregame]
205. [Actually that message was me experiencing some trauma after I saw you naked and] j [on my kitchen floor,] {fucking,banging the brains out of,slamming,porking}   a {cheese grater,rolling pin,pizza pan,stove}   d, [screaming] "E! J h(5) h(5) h(5)!" [Freak.]
204. [What you said makes it sound like you actually like her. I have this message you left on] u's [machine that says otherwise. It goes] "{beloved,dear,my darling}   h(1), [I want to] v2 [you] d. [My old love] p [does not even compare to your] j [breasts. Please] v2 [me,] h(2)." [What kind of man are you?]
203. [Are you calling my mother a whore? Because I] v3 [your mom's] j {cunt,asshole,testicles,bellybutton,toes}   [yesterday for [She was in] l [holding up a sign that said,] "J NS! [THE ONLY PRICE IS] V1 [ME]"
202. [Speaking of asses, your ass is the size of a] n [and smells worse than a] j n [in the] {spring,summer,fall,winter,garbage}  . [As for my mom, at least she doesn't call me during the night screaming] "V2 [ME!!!!] h(5) [ME!!!!" like some sort of] p-[clone. Oh, and your mom] v5 [you with her] n.
201. u, [I'd accept if you'd just pull your dick out of that] n. [Every fucking day it's always,] "e! h(2)! h(2)!" [You're so goddamn] d j.
200. u [was all like] "e, h(2), {motherfucker,bitch,son,Mr. President,u fag}  " [so I was like "]{no way man,shit dawg,you aint right,get yo white ass outta here}  , q"
199. NS, h(1), h(1), [YOU'RE ALL] h(1)
198. <p> [As you know, son,] 'e' [is the most important phrase. Hence, it's absolutely] j [when you want to] v2 ns. <u> [Right, sensei! Let's] v2 [some] n!
197. "E" [said] u, "[Why did this] n [just] v2 [me? What have I done?]" <u> [you] v3 u, j n.
196. [Some people annoy the] ns [out of me. Like] u. [What a] j [asshole.] h(2) [is the kind of person that would] v2 [little kids just to be mean.] m
195. [How to] v2 [the ladies: a. Talk about common interests a lot. If she says,] "b1", [reply with] "b2!" [b. Use curteous phrases like] "e" [or] "e". [c. If she leans in for a kiss, be like this:] m
194. [God...] b1 [so hot] b2... b3 [fuckkkkk]
193. [I want a hooker from] l. [I hear they'll even] v2 [your penis if you pay them enough. Just look out for] u, [the local] j [pimp.]
192. <u> [My parents caught me looking through my] p [porn today] m..[They were like] E! B1 B2 B3!! [and i was like "]q...m["]
191. [I was having sex with] p. [(S)he was a good partner until (s)he suddenly shouted, "]E B1 B2!!! B3!!!![" and] v3 [my penis.]
190. <u> [can i have a] n, u? <h(3)> [say the magic wooooordss...] <h(1)> [alright...] "E!" [happy?] <h(3)> v2 [me, bitch.]
189. [Want something] j [to watch] {this weekend,tonight,yesterday,next fall}  ? [Then watch the ultimate] 'n-[battle' showdown:] U [VS.] U [on] J(???)[-TV!]
188. [The truth about] v1 ns[: About] #(1,50)[% of] ns [die from] h(1) h(2)[,] #(1,50)[% more than those who don't. For] n-[relevant info on] h(2) [please call 1-800-]###-####[.]
187. u [was last seen] #[day] #(1,23)[hrs] #(1,60)[mins ago in #jj2 saying:] b1 b2.. b1 b3
186. [So, I was] v1 ns [the other day. Then I saw] u [coming along with the] n [on his way to] l. [We] v3 [some] ns, v1 ns [on the way to] l, [where the next] h(4) [stop was. There I waved] h(3) j [goodbye.]
185. b1...b2 (B3)
184. b1? B2 B3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b2
183. b1 B2 (b3..)
182. [Sick and tired of] j [pussy and just plain] j [tits? We are too. That's why we started] L-[DATE, letting you get fresh,] j [girls from none other than] h(3)! [They'll suck,] v2 & [fuck you] d. [Our motto is,] "V1 [GIRLS IS THE] h(3) [WAY"
181. [Vote now:] p [or] p. [As you know,] h(2) [has made lots of] j [progression with his campaign of] "v1 p & [let] p v2 u" [and his running mate] p. [Lately,] h(2) [even went so far as] v1 ns [to woo voters!]
180. [You probably know I always dreamed of becoming a] n [plumber]. [Today, I went to] p, [and asked him for a job. He] d [said "sure!" and gave me] ns. [With the] h(4) [I went to] l, [where] p [was] v1 [some] n r p. [He stole my] h(4) [and sold them for] ns. m
179. [Hello] u...[I just want to] v2 [your great, big, throbbing,] j n... e...[you're getting] j...
178. ["I was sick of being] j & j & j. [I wanted a] j [solution. So I switched to] {Simi,Voltra,Negro,Via,Ere,Sem,Ci,Sum}  {trex,nix,nia,pia,mia,mus,trin}   {diet,erection,blood sugar,magic,hormone inducing,penis enhancing}   [pills. Within] #(2,10) {weeks,months,days}   [I became less] h(1) & h(2) [and I was] ##% [less] h(3). [I am so] j." -p
177. [Do you need a more] j [way to] v2 [the internet? Switch to] N(?????)-{Corp,Biz,Inc,USA}   [internet service! Locally owned and operated in] l [since] #(1900,2005), [we're here to] v2 [your internet needs! Call today!]
176. u[Corp:] {Ensuring,Selling,Making,Manufacturing,Destroying,Investigating,Inventing}   d-v4 ns [since] #(1800,1990). [Our motto is: "If we can't] v2 [it], q."
175. []* u (n[@]#(0,255)-#(0,255)-#(0,255)-#(0,255).j{,-}  {net,internet,inet,dsl,access,world,online}  .{com,net,de,fi}  ) [Quit (Quit:] B!!! q)
174. p [will soon be releasing a new] j [book titled] {the, a}   n {and, without}   {the, a}   j n.
173. [Election Results:] p's [presidential bid went down] d [yesterday, losing with only] #(10,45)% [of the popular vote. Opponent] p's [acceptance speech was somewhat] j, [noting] "b...[but let me assure you, I won't raise your taxes."]
172. [Q: In] #(1,2005) {AD,BC}  , p, [the] j {king,queen}   [of] l, [declared war on] l. [What was the reason for war? (1)] p, [the] {king,queen}   [of] h(6), v3 ns. [(2) A foriegner claimed within] h(5), "b" [(3)] h(2) [was] {insane,gay,stricken with no penis syndrom}  .
171. [SUPREME COURT CASE] P [V.] P: [The Supreme Court ruled it] {constitutional,unconstitutional}   [to] {allow,disallow}   v1 ns. p, [an activist, responded by not only] h(5) h(6), [but] D V1 h(6). e.
170. [Hello residents of] l, [my name is] u. [I] {must say that I love,absolutely abhor,really enjoy,often get off to,am a frequent lover of}   [people] v1 [my] {penis,vagina,mammaries,ass}   d.
169. <u> [ARE THERE ANY] {ADULT,BABY,TEENAGE}   [FEMALES IN THIS CHANNEL???] <u> {No,Yes,Maybe,Sort of,Possibly,I am one}   [but if you go to #]n [you will be able to] v2 [them] {all day long, with gusto, in your pants, with sex, in their pants, and release fluids}  . <h(1)> e {wtf,cool,uhh,lol,rofl,waffle,sword,ba-zing,akfkasdkas}  
168. [DEATH CLOCK FOR] u[:] h(1) [will die in] #(1,100) [years and] #(1,12) [months.] [Cause of death:] {was killed by, ate, was eaten by, was run over by, inhaled, stepped on, was attacked by, had sex with, drank, licked, masturbated using, choked on, raped by, was beaten with}   a {killer,deadly,evil,bloodthirsty,dangerous,crazed,deranged,poisonous,radioactive}   n.
167. [Wanna] v2 [my] {pussy,ass,boobies,dick,lungs}  , {baby,fucktoy,slut,bitch,manwhore,Jesus}  ? [Well first you need to show me a little less] "e" [and a little more] "E". m
166. u [met] u [in] l. h(1) [started out by] v1 h(2)'s j [breasts a bit, then things got pretty serious when] h(2) [began to pleasure] h(1) [with a] n. [But no one expected the loud scream crying out] "E", [right as] h(1) v3 h(2)'s j [ass.]
165. p & p & p [walked into] l. h(1) [said,] "b" - h(2) [responded by] v1 h(1), [then saying] "E". [But the big surprise came when] h(3) v3 h(2) & h(1) [so] d [their ass was like] "e" [for a week.]
164. <u> [Baby,] b <u> b[.. idiot] <h(1)> e, h(3). [Clearly,] b.
163. [The password to] ["]p['s] j l [headquarters" is] ["]E Q["]
162. [LOOKING FOR] J NS(????)[? CALL 1-800-]E(???)-h(2)
161. [What] u [says after sex:] b -- [What] u [says after sex:] q...[baby...]
160. [My preciousss... ] N[SES! YESSS,] h(1)[SES! WE] V2[S THE] h(1)[SES!!!]
159. [I am a] {mono,poly}  {b,c,f,g,p}  {r,l}  {a,e,o}  [ist. That means] {I don't, I}   v2 ns m
158. [http://www.]{sexy,hot,wild,wet,mighty,super,hobo,naked,power,fuck,teen,ass,china,fang}  {sluts,whores,pussy,penis,clits,teens,girls,boys,men,lesbians,babes,dudes,clackers,tubgirls}  .{com,net,org,cn,za,wtf,exe,,museum}  [/]{fuck,nude,erotic,lingerie,img}  [/]u##[.jpg]
157. [Worst thing to say after sex:] b. [Best thing to say after sex:] E, [baby]!
156. ^b [I hope you die.]
155. "[If you can't stand the] ns, [get out of] l." - p...[before being] v4 [in] h(2).
154. [Advertisement :: Hello! I,] p[, am here to advertise our brand new] j n[!] e[!] [We only have] ### [in stock and they are selling FAST! I promise you that our] h(2) h(3) [will help you] v2 [the] n[,] v2 [the] n[, and] v2 [the] n[!] e[! Order yours today! Just dial 1-800-]###[-]#### [and ask for your] h(2) h(3) [today for only] ## [payments of [USD... ORDER NOW!] e
153. ^r l [lies a giant] n. [This] h(3) [is so] j [that when] p [heard of it he exclaimed,] "E!". [True story.]
152. <u> [Ow,] E!!! <u> [What happened?] <h(1)> [Nothing, I just stabbed myself with a] n... e!! <h(3)> [That sounds worse than watching] p & p v1 [their] ns!
151. p v3 a N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 n
150. [if ($]n == "p") [{] v2(); [return] J; [}]
149. b [on the internet.]
148. b [of SCIENCE!]
147. b [ON FIRE!]
146. [Kerry says: I was actually for] v [the] n [before I was against it.]
145. [A study using blackboxes reveals that] ##.#% [of deaths in] l [were right after the driver said] "e". [In] l, ##.#% [said] "e" [and then died. And in] l, [a minor] #.#% [said] "b" [before dying] d.
144. [Plot for my new SuperHero Movie!!!11!one entitled "]j[man" where our hero,] h(1)[man and his sidekick,] j[boy go around fighting evil and] j ns [inside of the massive metropolis, ] l . [The story takes place in ] #### [and focuses on] h(1)[man's ability to ] v2 [and] v2. [It comes out November] ##[th! Don't miss it!]
143. "^b", [President Bush said during a press conference Friday, adding that he "wouldn't stand for no] b". [Asked about his official position on legalizing] ns, [Bush replied,] "e."
142. [When I die, I want my obituary to read:] "e! b"
141. * v5: [The New] ^P's - [Baby,] ^B (#:##)
140. * v5: [The New] ^P's - ^B (^B) (#:##)
139. [Ever] v4 [a] n? v4 [a] n? [Join the millions of Americans who have! For just] {,$,}#(10,99)99.99 [you can do it, too! Our sponser] p [had this to say:] "E!!!! b"
138. [The difference between] ns & ns [is that] h(1) v2 ns d & h(2) h(3) h(4) d.
137. [I was] #tickbot [and he was] #, [we rode] r [horses made of] ns. e, h(3), [my] n [shot me down.]
136. [There's nothing like a good 'ol game of] 'v2 [the] ns'. [The other day me and] u [were playing it when suddenly one of the] h(2) v3 [us! We screamed,] 'E!!!' [and ran away.]
135. P: [One day he's] r ns, [the next day he's] r h(3). [Don't you want someone who's ALWAYS] r h(3)? [Vote] p [for president of] l [in 20]##.
134. [brb,] v1 [the] ns m <u> [That's] j(*ing)!!! [Get away from me!] m
133. [I,] p, [herby support President George W.] "b" [Bush for reelection for President of] l.
132. ^j [dreams], u...[i hope you dream of] v1 ns. m
131. [Want to know how bored I am? Picture] a n. v1 a j n. [That's how bloody] v1 [bored I am.] m
130. p [says] "p [at] l [has a 'fro" and shes like] "n [wannabe" - I was too busy staring at her] n [though]
129. [Early to] n, [early to] v2, [makes] p j, j [and] j.
128. [Hello,] ns. [Let`s play] N[BALL!!!] m
127. <u> [It's partly cloudy with a chance of] N! <u> q <h(1)> [And that,] h(3), [is where babies come from.]
126. <u> [Hey] u, [what's your name?] <h(2)> p. <h(1)> e...[where you live?] <h(2)> l... <h(1)> j, [now does] h(3) [want to] v2 h(1)... [if you know what I mean]? m
125. <u> [Hey] u, [how are you?] <h(2)> j. <h(1)> e [that's] J...[are you] v1 p? <h(2)> E. [if you know what i mean.] ;)
124. [Sex ed according to] p: [You take the] j [stick and put it in the] n [hole and the old] "E" [machine works and something] j [comes out.]
123. "E!", [uttered] p [at the climax of a] j [night with] p. [Little did either of them know that] l [was the #]# [place to get a] n[orhea infection in the world.] m
122. <u> [guess what] p [and I] v3 [last night] ;) <u> [dude!!! ur a] J N!!!!!!! <h(1)> [yes, and it got even] j[er when] p [walked in] m
121. <u> [Hey] u, [wanna] v2 u? - <h(2)> e, [again?] h(4)'s [had enough.] - <h(4)> E! [FUCK YOU GUYS!]
120. [Hey there] j n. [My name is] p [and I'm hot]. [Give me a buzz and I'll show you a] j [time. Maybe we can even throw some sexy] ns [into the mix. Only] ## [cents a minute, baby.]
119. ^j[butt Big]ns: [The hottest pornstar from] l [ever! Now starring in] "l [Action 2: Doing it] j [Style]"
118. E, U! [Your] n [is quite] J [(if you know what I mean)] m
117. [Did you hear about me and] p? [Let's just say we] v3 [a lot of] ns. m
116. [Did you hear about] u [and] u? [I heard they] v3 [a bit with] p [in] l [last night, if you know what I mean.] m
115. n [(n.)] [What you get when you mix] p [and a] n. J E!
114. [With his last breath, Jesus added: "Ah, yes. There is one last Commandment:] q."
113. [In a press conference Tuesday in] l, p [revealed the awful truth: "]p! E!"
112. u: [You must] v2 ns [or have] j ns [to set] e [time.]
111. * [thrusts his hips towards] u's j [ass, whispering] d, "e, [BABY!]."
110. [I caught] u & u v1 [each other] r l [ was that] j. [It really made me want to] v2 ns...e...
109. [Roses are] j, [violets are] j, q
108. [Roses are] j, [violets are] j, e, [and you are my] n.
107. p, [aka Mr.] "e" [said today at a press conference in] l [that "We will not] v2 j ns [for profit - only for the good of the] n." [The people were] v4.
106. ^e [time for] u [begins now] (#[m])
105. * [is now] v1 ns [to]: [The] p n - [All My] ns [Are] j [These Days]
104. 6,0v1 [script active - type !]v2 [to] v2 u
103. <u> [Yes I did just call you a] n, u. [You gonna] v2 [that shit... or are you gonna] V2 [me? Huh bitch?] E!
102. [Have you tried the fried] n? [It has a] j [taste with a hint of] n [that keeps the] ns [coming!]
101. [Have you been] v1 [your] ns? v1 [your] ns? [Well,] e! [Fear no more! With our new] v2-[o-matic] 200# [you can] v2 ns, v2 ns, [all the while keeping your] ns d j. [And hey, it's even endorsed by America's sweetheart,] p! [Order today!]
99. [So, I guess the moral of this story is,] v2 p.
98. [Could whoever parked the] '## n [with liscence plate] n-### [please move your vehicle? It is obstructing a] n-[only parking spot]. E!
97. [The event:] n[Con 2k]#. [The place:] l. [What to bring:] ns, ns, [and LOTS of] j ns. [Who to expect there:] p, p, [and a cameo appearence from] p.
96. [Jack be] j, [Jack be] j. [Jack] v2 [the] n.
95. [Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack be] v [hiz] n[iziz down in] l! [HOLLA,] E!
92. [No one quite knew that] p [meant as he exclaimed his dying words] d: "q" - [That is until] p [revealed the] "n & n" [connection that] v3 [history.]
91. [And, with his last breath, Jesus muttered this creed:] "q"
90. ^e, [son, you need more] p [in your life. Now, take this] n [and use it to] v2 [your] j n d.
89. [I am feeling] j [and] J!
88. [You know what would go great with this sandwich? A nice, tall glass of] NS!
87. [In an official statement, President Bush had this to say about the tragedy:] "q"
86. [Now, for a haiku:] d v ns, j n, E
85. [Dear Gene, you are the] n [of my eye. Your face is like] j ns [in the spring. I want to] v2 [you] d [around the] j [streets of] l. [Love, Chris.]
84. [] * u (~n@[dsl]-###-###-j[ Quit (Quit:] v1 ns [in] l - [be back to catch the] "j n")
83. v1 [the] n [action! Visit http://www.]j[]j[/]p##[.jpg]
82. <u> [Don't tell anyone, but I fucking hate] u... [yesterday he was] v1 [all] #tickbot [of my] ns. [I couldn't take it so I said,] "e, [you] j n! q!!!"
81. u & u, v1 [in a tree]. V1. [First comes] n, [then comes] n, [then comes the] n [in] l. m
80. [Roses are] j, [violets are] j, q
79. [Tonight, a group of] j [environmentists went] v [down the streets of] l. [Local resident] p [had this to say]: "Q"
78. [And the Lord and savior Jesus Christ looked unto his people over the] n[y hills and said,] "q. [And that's why I'm Jesus.]"
77. [The book of] p, [chapter] #, [verse] #, [states: My] ns [have] v3 [my commandments. I shallt] v2 [them with the wrath of my] j ns. [I am the Lord.]
76. [TODAY'S BIBLE QUOTE: Thou shalt] v2[ith thy] n [unto God's] n, [for He is a] j [and] j [God. Exodus,] ##:##
75. [TODAY'S BIBLE QUOTE: Thou must] v2[ith thy] ns [verily, for if thou disobey my] j [command, thou shalt die. Psalms,] ##:##
74. [When I caught] p [and] p [having sex in] l, [I thought I would] v2 [myself. But instead, I] v3 [their] ns.
73. J [NEWS!] [A] n v5 ns [in] l - [more at 11]
72. [When you say] p "[is a] j n", [you really mean "is nothing more than a] j [excuse for a] n", [right? Thought so,] n.
71. [http://www.]j-n.[com]/v1/u/n##.[jpg] <--- e m
70. l - [it's one] j [place. It can best be described as the sensation you get when you] v2 [your] n. [All] p [had to say about it was,] "q"
69. [Tired of] j [porn sites that force] n [down your throat? Well that's what FREE] J N [HARDCORE is here to help you with. No need to] v2 [your] ns, [even] p [recommends us.]
68. [I came. I saw.] I v3 ns.
67. p [and] p [wed in] l, [and after a long round of] v1 [their] ns, [gave birth to] u. [Their marraige crumbled to] j ns [after that point.]
66. [Back in] 1### p v3 p [in a] j [battle known as the 'war of the] ns'. [It was a] j [struggle until] u v3 [everyone. The day was saved.] e!
65. n --> [8===============D] {()} <-- n
64. <u> E!!! [I just MET] P [IN PERSON WHILE I WAS IN] L!!! [I feel so] j [I could go] v1 [his] ns. E!
63. "ns [and] ns: [Why not to be] j" [is a romantic] n [about] #[] n [lovers who gang up on] p ([played by Oscar winner] u) [and steal his] j ns. [Known for originating the classic line] "E... q"
62. u's [blog]: [June] #, [199]#. [Today I bought] #[] [new] ns [and threw them at] p. [He screamed,] "E, [GOD DAMN IT!!!" [and then died.]
61. [So then I got down on one knee, looked into] u's [eyes and said,] "e... q"
60. [Yo momma's so fat she's] v1 p.
59. p = j[est]. n. [EVER]. - [Enough said.]
58. E R [THE] N!
57. [Oh,] u, [be my] j n[, and I'll be your] j n[.] m m m
56. [June] 1#, 19##: p [has announced the upcoming album "With] ns [and] ns: [the] j [remix" - It will feature the hit songs "Stand] r [my] n", ["Don't go] v1 [my] ns, E!" [and] "v p."
55. [Derby: Intolerable ]n [edit. The] n [contained within this post was far too] j [to remain; you receive a] n [for this] j [offense.] E [SISTA!]
54. [Today, President George W. "]E!"[ Bush announced that he'd proceed to start] v1 [yo momma's] n [next Wednesday.] E...[ALL NIGHT LONG!]
53. [Dear] p, e... [I just can't seem to continue] v1 [the] n [anymore. I think I need more] n [in my life.] [Love,] j [in Ohio]
52. "E" -p ([while] v1 [the] n)
51. [If I were a superhero, I'd be] N [MAN!! I would be] j [and my powers would be] v1 ns [with my sidekick] p.
50. [Have you heard the new CD by] p [called] "v [the] j ns"? [It's not only] j, [but also] n[ed my] n.
49. [I am not a] n, [I am not a] n. [I have a] n [of my own, and I go] v1 [it. I hate] ns, [why can't you understand that? ...Stupid] n. m
48. [I remember back in] 19## p [started hosting that TV show,] "j ns [of my] n" [The first episode,] "v j n" [kinda sucked, but after] p [joined the show, I was like] "Q!"
47. [Have you heard the new album by] p [entitled] "v [the] ns"? [Me and] u [listened to the whole thing and all we could say was,] "E! q"
46. [One time I was in France and wanted to order the famous French dish, "LE] N". [When I ordered it, the waiter gave me a] j [look and said,] "q" [He creeped me out.]
45. P!!! [Hello.] m [Would you like FREE access to HARDCORE] N? [We know you do, that's why our horny,] j n[sluts are standing by. No] n [needed!]
44. u [is now playing: The] j ns - q (#:##)
43. [So I was like] "+" [and then she was like "WOAH NO WAY" and I was like shut up] n! [And then she was like DIE] N!!!!!!!! J N!! E!!!!
42. u [totally] n[ed his homework yesterday, so when he handed it in the teacher was so] j [that she started] v1 [him... (true story)]
41. u [has] #[] ns. [Up his ass.]
40. [You are] n[??] [(No offense, just] n[).]
39. [You are not able to] n [mine] j[! :-#]
38. u [is nothing but a] n[ed] n [who does too much] n[uana ;(]
37. [Hey, you stole mine] n[! That`s illetion,] n[!] m
36. ## [dollars a gram for] n[ijuana], ### [dollars a gram for magic] n[shrooms].
35. [And God said onto his people,] "+" [The people were in awe. Their only response was a unanimous] "E!" [to God's] j n.
34. [A] j n [is like a pack of] j ns. [Really, REALLY] J.
33. [HOLY] N, [IT'S] #[AM! I feel like] v1 u.
32. [It began around] #:3# [on September] #[] [when] u [was] v1 [my beloved] n.
31. [I remember the time my old pop] p [came up to me and told me about the birds and the] ns. [He said] "+" [and I was like] "E?!?!"
30. [You all suck because im the] E!!
29. [I grabbed her] j ns [and just had to start] v1 [her] j n.
28. [HOLY] N! [I just tripped on] p's [shapely] n! [What a peice of] j n.
26. [When I found] p v1 [the] n, [I had to ask if he was really] j [or just liked] v1 [his] n.
25. [So about] #[] [days ago I was] v1 [this] n [when suddenly] u [and] p [came up and called me] j.
24. [Hi] u, [that's one] j n [you have there. Is it like] #[] [inches?]
23. [The other day me and] u [found] #[] ns r [a] n. [We both were like,] "e?"
22. [I remember the time I was] v1 [like] #[] [of those] ns [at once. It was so] j, [man!]
21. [Do you comes from] n, n, [or somethings country in] n? [You looks] j!
20. [It was the year 19]## [when] u [was] v1 [the] n. [Everyone agreed when they said...] "E!"
19. [In 19]## [I was] v1 [some] ns [when suddenly] p [gave me a] n.
18. u's n + u's n = #[] ns.
17. [My] n [just broke]. [Let's fix it by] v1 [the] n r u.
16. [Have you seen] u's n? [It's like] ## [inches long!] E!
15. ^n. [(noun) def: a] j, j [type of] n. [Highly] j. [Best described in one sentence:] "E"
14. E! [Those] #[] Ns [are] J [and] J.
13. ^n [vs.] n #: [The] j [files]
12. [So] p [said,] "e!" [This caused] p [to respond by screaming back] "e, [BITCH!!!!"]
11. [Looked] j, [didn't I? Well it wasn't for lack of] v, [I can tell you that.] p [put a] n [in my head. Then I woke up, and went on what the] n [advertisements refer to as "]v [the] n [of a] n."
10. [All it took was one look at her wet,] v1 n [for me to say, "]e[! That is one] v1 n[!"]
9. [And then I was like,"] e! v1 n! [."]
8. [When] p [is kicked] p [wins.]
7. [Go shove that] n [up your] n [you] j n.
6. [Fact:] v1 [the] n [is the same thing as] v1 [the] n. [After all, they are both] j.
5. ^p [married] p [and had a baby] n.
4. ^n [spelled backwards is] n.
3. [The] n r [the] n [is your mom.]
2. [Is] v1 [a] n [even legal in Canada?]
1. [Thou shalt not go] v1 p [with a] n.