Screenshots Released!

Welcome to the official website of Possum: The Adventures of Skitch. Right now this site serves as a simple information hub, but in the future it will grow and expand as the game itself does. In the meantime, be sure to check out the screenshots, and visit the fans at the Possum Forest forum. Thank you for visiting. We hope you'll be back. :)


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About Possum
Possum: The Adventures of Skitch is, in essence, a sidescroller. And yet, it is so much more. Possum seeks to be one of the few proud games to bear the name "genre-buster". Rather than falling into the same old cliches of standard action, rpg, adventure, or other types, Possum combines the best of each.

To this end, Possum is now in the process of a conversion to a new game engine. Tentatively named the VersaTILE Engine, it is a combination of Possum's previous game engines, along with one significant new technology: 5D.

What's 5D? 5D is simply using a 3D accelerator to draw 2D graphics. (Not to be confused with 2½D, which actually draws 3D graphics, but from a fixed, 2D point of view.) While this causes the drawback of requiring a 3D accelerator, the advantages are many. Here's a list:
Realtime lighting
Realtime rotation
Alpha blending
Individual sprite palette animation
Full Screen Anti Aliasing (without using an FSAA board!)
As you can see, Possum will be a ground-breaking game in many ways. There are many more things to be told about it (not the least of which is the plot!), but these will have to wait for later. For now, be assured that there is plenty to look forward to. :)

A Special Message
To the fans who have waited from the beginning
Kyle aka Dino (Project Leader, Head Designer):
I wouldn't hesitate to call Possum my idea, but to say it's my game is a lie. This game would be nothing without the help of each and every member of the team. This is our game, and we hope you like it. :o3=

Dominik aka Roaster (Programmer):
Getting to a point where you can post a decent screenshot is a major milestone. To everyone who's been waiting through the past... well, almost eternity, thanks for being supportive. You are the core reason the project is even being continued as we speak. I'd also like to thank Jeff (MetalWarrior) for being an awesome sport in this ordeal, we'd never be this far without his help. It can only get better from here. Long live Possum!

Jeff aka MetalWarrior (Head Programmer, Assistant Design):
I want to take this opportunity to thank some of the many people who have been a help and inspiration to me on this project so far. If I miss some of you, forgive me. :) In no particular order, here they are: Dino, for his wacky humor and always upbeat attitude; Roaster, who was responsible for getting me started on this; Gizmo, for getting giddy; Noraa, for his great gameplay suggestions; F quist, for his infinite patience with a very incomplete PossumEDIT; Syntax, for always being interested; Bluez, who makes a great evil weasle voice; Kaven, for being even more of a perfectionist than me; and to all of you, whose questions and eagerness have been a constant encouragement. And most of all, to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, who has given me this amazing opportunity. Merry Christmas everyone. :)

Ned aka Gizmo (Artist/Animator, Assistant Design):
Possum will be a rip-roarin' fun game. Just you wait!

Travis aka Syntax (Level Mapper):
I hope I can create some really cool and unique ideas for everyone to have fun with; I'll be utilizing the VersaTILE engine to its greatest extents. You'll be able to experience many creative multiplayer scenarios, which you (as the player) will be able to refine as well. Your patience will be worth it...

Richard II aka Bluez (Voice Man):
I don't know what to say... They still haven't given me my Possum script, yet.

Aaron aka Noraa (Artist):
Possum will be well worth the wait. With all the work this team has put into the game, don't expect anything less than the best.