Carrot Clan

The Carrot Clan (abbreviated as CC, written as (() was a clan founded by Splash.

Carrot Clan was started by 4 friends from the Netherlands who lived in the same neighbourhood.

When the clan was started, a central theme of elements was chosen, and clan members nicknames chosen as such. The four founding members at birth were named Splash, Blizzard, Fire and Rock but then found a few of their nicknames in use and as such Blizzard changed his name to Payback and Rock to Figash. Splash kept his nickname for his entire time with the JJ2 community.

The Carrot Clan was the clan in which the three founding members of Nimrod-Online (now known as Digiex) came from. Nimrod, InsaneNutter and Roy (Known at the time as Annihilator, Xtreem, Blaster). Together they launched the list server which has now become the primary list server of the community.

To this day, Carrot Clan members (including the clan leader Splash) have constant contact on a regular bases over Windows Live Messenger.

Splash and Nimrod continue to joke about how Nimrod‘s grade skill of only three carrots ruined his childhood on JJ2. Nimrod often asked Xtreem on MSN Messenger to inform Splash that he had lost to him in a dual, despite Nimrod loosing to Xtreem by a couple of kills. In 2004, Splash presented Nimrod with a apology and certificate that stated he was really worth the four grade skill level, despite never actually winning himself or Xtreem at a dual.