Fat Chick

The Fat Chick is a notorious enemy from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It also is a JCS event.

Character details

Fat Chick (also called “Portly Woman” here and there) is a female turtle, apparantly rather old, walking on her hind legs. She wears a pink dress with white spots on it and a blue hat of some sort. When you get too near, she will punch you,but if you run into her and shoot her,you will kill her with just one shot, with slightly less force as a horizontal red spring. When she does so, you will lose one heart and fly away in the direction she punched you. It takes three unpowered-up shots to kill her, and killing her earns you 300 points. When you’re not provoking her she’s simply walking around at medium speed.

Appearance and relations

The Fat Chick appears only in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It is rumored she is the mother of Devan Shell, but this is probably just a rumor, as several Fat Chicks appear in the game and one can only have one (biological) mother. All instances could be a clone of Devan’s mother though. It is also possible that it is simply a Tuf Turtle in disguise, seeing as it has red eyes and quite the strength. The Fat Chick is one of the few female characters in the Jazz Jackrabbit universe. Other female characters include Eva Earlong, Lori Jackrabbit and the queen.


The Fat Chick was drawn (and probably created too) by Nick Stadler

JCS details

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