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Season 20 - Round 8

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Round Player Quality
Overall Duels 2 on 2
Events Past Season
Latest Duel (2on2)
7-24-11 4:24 PM All your Base
Round 8 Information
Roast:Fall: 140
Opponent Quality: 70
Points Per Duel: 0.25
Win Factor: 2
Full Confidence: 8 Unique Matches
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1 Duel: 1.00
2 Duels: 1.33
3 Duels: 1.67
4 Duels: 2.00
5 Duels: 2.25
6 Duels: 2.50
7 Duels: 2.75
8 Duels: 3.00
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JDC 22 Awards - July 16, 2013 - 1:02 AM
Jazz Duelist Champion
master sven
2087 points
JDCE Champion
500 JDCE points
Duel Hero Looney
102 duel wins
Duel Master SuperJazz
85% win percentage for duels (17 wins/3 losses)
Rabbit Exterminator Looney
605 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy Ravager Looney
+28 win streak
Casualty Soldier HorCx
2.725:1 roast:fall ratio
Dedicated Player
135 duels played
Dedicated Event Player
50 events played
Contest Victor Superjazz
4 main event wins
Tournament Triumphant Superjazz
3 One Day Tournaments won
Bravery Award
76.7% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher Silver
35.3% average opponent quality
Event Master
954 event points (439 excluding JDCE and 3v3 points)
Round Champion
master sven
4 rounds won
Team Player
43 2on2 matches
CTF Master
90.9% win percentage for 2on2 games (10 wins/1 loss)
Inseparable Partners
AhMo and motiszonDark King and ClassicSonic
6 2on2 games played together (3 wins, 2 wins)
Best Partners
Anna and Kyro
5/5 2on2 games won together
Find a New Partner
Art3gor and HorCx
3 2on2 losses (0 wins)
167 characters per comment on average
Obsessive Dueler
13 duels played in a single day (25th Jun 2013)
Loves Everyone
35 separate opponents
Common Matchup
Looney and Dark King
32 duels against one another (24 wins for Looney)
Stop Trying
Mew Zakuro
23 duel losses against Silver (Mew never won, beating my JDC 10 record!)
JDC is Overrated Ragnarok
11,973 page views while logged in (14% of total)

I would like to thank everyone who played and helped organise JDC 22. Even though it wasn't really as active or smooth as the previous, it is still amongst one of the better seasons we've held, and if the next season (which isn't too far away) is just as successful, I'll be very happy with that.

There were 735 duels total played. That's pretty good!

I would also like to congratulate master sven for his victory. It was a tough and often tight competition with AhMo the runner up, but ultimately MS persevered. He also is only player this season to get more than 2000 points!

Thank you again, and see you next season.
- Cooba
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About the night before last night - July 13, 2013 - 12:33 PM
Thanks to all who turned up to Thursday's spontaneous event!

However, I've had to give a negative point punishment to user Kev for disrupting an event by using it as a platform to organise a 3vs3 whilst it was still taking place. Despite being warned verbally and with a kick, he carried on and hence was banned.

I've given only a relatively mild punishment, but I'm using it as a warning to everyone else - do not turn up to JDC events unless you actually intend to play, and do not attempt to get others to leave. I will not hesitate to give more severe punishments to anyone (not just Kev) if it happens again in future events.

coobanote: The scores are here for all your viewing pleasure.
- PurpleJazz
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Pit Fight scores done - July 11, 2013 - 3:12 PM
Apologies for the delay, but the scores for the Survivor Pit Fight event have finally been uploaded. I decided to give 5 bonus points for every won match after all, since otherwise only a handful of people received (or lost) any points.

Congratulations to Loon!... and condolences to AhMo. :(
- Cooba
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AhMo can roast them all! - July 7, 2013 - 4:25 PM
If you want to kill a rabbit that annoys you, ask AhMo to do it for you. He won the AYCR event yesterday. Art3gor almost managed to win, unfortunately, AhMo killed slightly better.

Good job AhMo!

coobanote: Here's the spreadsheet for the AYCR scores.
- Looney
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JDCEnd - July 7, 2013 - 12:43 AM
This season's JDCE has finally come to an end. Massive congratulations are going to SuperJazz for reaching the champion title! Of course, credit also has to go the runners up, which are as follows:

2nd Place: master sven
3rd Place: Kev
4th Place: Looney

This is how the points for the top four were distributed, in case you're weirded out (which you might be, given the numbers!).

The next JDC season will feature the JDCE tournament as well, and we're looking for any feedback you might have! Which is not to say Ragnarok and I don't have our own devious plans under construction, of course...

- Cooba
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Final round - July 7, 2013 - 12:37 AM
Round 5 has concluded with master sven as the winner, with 241 points to boost.

Round 6 begins now, and it will be the last round of JDC 22. To give the season some symmetry, the final challenge of the week will be the same as the one from round 1: whoever plays and wins the most duels in the round will receive a bonus. However, this only applies to duels played in Battle levels. ;)

Enjoy the final week!
- Cooba
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Bank Robbery - July 1, 2013 - 11:24 PM
May you ever be in need of someone to rob a bank, violet is the one you should ask. Congratulations to him for winning the bank robbery event! With one crash and two bugged levels the event was a bit chaotic, I hope you still had fun though. For mincapbr2 (the one with the waterfall) everyone got full score. The assassination concept was won by the blue team (12 - 7), killing the leader was indeed worth one point but the complicated trigger system didnt seem to work very well. Also, the scores have been uploaded too. There where two people without a jdc account (Drizzy and doubleGJ), if you still want to get points you should activate your account.

[19:45:38] *** -t3>CJ joined the game
[22:03:57] *** -t3>CJ wins the game
Congratz to CJ for winning the 5th ODT! Aritra and Kryt got -5 points for leaving, let this be a warning for next ODTs too. For those who want to understand the magic behind the tournament: click.
- Foly
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