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Season 24 - Round 5

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Round Player Quality
Overall Duels 2 on 2
Events Past Season
Latest Duel (2on2)
9-19-15 10:33 PM gauntlet
Round 5 Information
Roast:Fall: 220
Opponent Quality: 180
Points Per Duel: 0.75
Win Factor: 2
Full Confidence: 1 Unique Matches
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1 Duels: 0.6
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JDC 24 Awards - June 16, 2016 - 11:31 PM
Jazz Duelist Champion
1124 points
JDCE Champion
200 JDCE points
Duel Hero Looney
50 duel wins
Duel Master* Blackeye
100% win percentage for duels (24 wins/0 losses)
Rabbit Exterminator Looney
304 roasts/ctf points/2on2 Points
Enemy Ravager Blackeye
+24 win streak
Casualty Soldier* Blackeye
5.9:1 roast:fall ratio
Dedicated Player
70 duels played
Dedicated Event Player
Sir Ementaler and TreyLina
15 main events played
Contest Victor Sir Ementaler
3 main event wins
Bravery Award*
vegito CC
75% average opponent quality
Newbie Crusher* ReepoToofa
25% average opponent quality
Event Master
Sir Ementaler
400 event points (385 excluding the JDC Level Contest)
CTF Master*
100% win percentage for 2on2 games (5 wins, no losses)
Inseparable Partners
Looney and PurpleJazz
4 2on2 games played together (1 win, 3 losses)
Common Matchup
Looney and PurpleJazz
20 duels against one another
97.7 characters per comment on average
Obsessive Dueler
15 duels played in a single day (19th Aug 2015)
Loves Everyone
22 separate opponents dueled
Stop Trying
8 duel losses against Blackeye

This concludes JDC 24, one of our most difficult and unpredictable seasons to date. There's no hiding the fact that this season happened to coincide with a slow, but major decline of our community, the JDC website being utterly and completely broken, and with both Ragnarok and I having much less time than we'd used to have.

I wish to apologise for any and all the difficulties that have plagued this season, and I would like to thank everyone for still making it fun, in spite of everything. Everybody who played in this season, and helped organise it, deserves huge thanks and a round of applause!

The competitive scene surrounding our beloved game may no longer be what it was, and there is no denying it - but at times like these, I believe there's still just enough power in all of us to keep going, just for a little bit longer. And for this reason, I want to announce a new JDC season coming this summer. It will likely be quite different than how we remember JDC, but changes are necessary to reflect the current state of the community, and we're quite confident that JDC can still be a mainstay of every JJ2 player.

Thank you all, once again, and see you soon.
- Cooba
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Duel level contest results - September 23, 2015 - 2:32 PM
Congratulations to FireSworD for winning the contest with his level LFGPU-3000!
Loon deserves an honorary mention for being the runner up.
Props to DarkSonic and Sir Ementaler too!
- PurpleJazz
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Final round of JDC - September 13, 2015 - 6:32 PM
Round 5 is beginning now, and it is also the last round of season 24.

Last round has been spectacularly empty in terms of players, which I can only attribute to everybody losing interest after the database access breach. To try to remedy this, I've bumped up the amount of points awarded in total for this round. Whether or not that will be a successful attempt is up to you! :^)
- Cooba
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Contest extension - September 11, 2015 - 11:55 PM
I've decided to extend the deadline of the duel level contest until Saturday 19th September at 23:59. This means you have an extra week to work on your levels. However, there will be no further extensions after this, so don't get too lax!
- PurpleJazz
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Registering new accounts - September 10, 2015 - 4:36 PM
I noticed that some of you have been registering new accounts. I assume this is because your old account is unavailable since the password reset of a week ago. Some people may have been registered with old e-mail addresses or have not received the reset e-mail for some other reason.


It will mess up your scores, our database and create a lot of trouble in general. Instead, contact an official or administrator and tell them your account name. You will then be able to choose a new password and continue using your existing account.
- Stijn
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JDCE Round 3 - September 6, 2015 - 12:17 PM
The mappool for JDCE Round 3 upper bracket is as follows:

Bloodbunny's Lair [bblair]
Chernobyl Catacombs [vctf03cc]
Gauntlet [gauntlet]
Minimal Duel [navctf01]
One Silver Penny [olcsilvpenny]
Starlit Basin [olcsbasin]
Sterile CTF [elmsterl]
Superconductor CTF [elmsuper]
Wicked Wood [xlmww]

The mappool for JDCE Rounds 4 and 5 of the lower bracket is the same as listed above.

For the people who are lagging behind, please either contact me or get your games played soon otherwise face disqualification at my discretion.

The tournament structure is viewable HERE.

Please note that JDCE updates will be late this week as I am away on business.
- Ragnarok
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ODT #3 Results - September 3, 2015 - 10:03 PM
1) Loon
2) Sir Ementaler
3) TreyLina
4) Ahmo

Good job to everyone, and thanks for sticking around for such a long event, which lasted 2 hours 30 minutes total!
- PurpleJazz
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