Permalink Omri Lahav remixes Hell Freezes Over April 18th 2015

Source: YouTube

Omri Lahav is back with a brand new JJ2 soundtrack guitar remix. The soundtrack he remixed this time is Hell Freezes Over. Give it a shot!

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Permalink Anniversary Bash 17 over April 14th 2015

This year’s anniversary celebrations have ended. We hope you enjoyed hanging around!

Be sure to write about your impressions in the JCF thread.


Permalink DO IT LIVE April 10th 2015

Source: [00:33:33] FawFuLCC: koeba [00:33:41] FawFuLCC: add my stream on j2o

The Bash is being streamed by FawFuL right now!


Permalink Anniversary Bash 17 up now! April 10th 2015

Source: JCF Thread

The Anniversary Bash server is up, marking the seventeenth anniversary of Jazz Jackrabbit 2! The level list is already available for download, or you can read the names below if you’re still on the fence:

(Read more...)

Thanks to BlurredD for hosting the servers this year, FireSworD and Blacky for curating the lists, and you for keeping this game alive.


Permalink New JJ2+ release April 6th 2015

Source: JCF thread

At long last, a new update to JJ2+ is finally out!

Here’s what you should be excited about, in brief:

  • Mutators! They’re AngelScript files, but you can enable them in any level at all, just like JJ2+‘s built-in server settings. Add new guns, replace sound effects, whatever you want.
  • Green and Yellow teams!
  • Better Treasure Hunt code!
  • Loads of new graphical options for AngelScript, including rotating sprites, loading graphics from custom .j2a files, and blend modes!
  • Totally rewritten Home-Cooked Levels list!
  • New custom game mode!
  • So, so much more!


Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit's Poker Broker Weekly Update #1040 April 1st 2015

Jazz Jackrabbit's Poker Broker
Welcome back once again to the Jazz Jackrabbit’s Poker Broker Weekly Update, where the JJPBO staff details their experiences brokering poker. Broking poker. Breaking? Poking? Anyway, this is Update #1040; if you’ve missed a week or two, you can catch up on previous updates here.

I started my game with a $5000 stake and a standard $100 bet. I know the folks at have been talking about lowering the bet to $3 but I’m a traditionalist. I got dealt the King of Spades and a bunch of middle cards, some straight potential but mostly inside and I’d need two draws. Unfortunately the interface was arse backwards and I discarded the King, gaining a pair of fours, which lost to another pair. I guess. I don’t actually know what my opponent had.

Next round was no better. Held onto a 9 and 10; got some higher cards and very nearly a straight, but drew a 3 instead of a J. Lost $100 again, which I believe the cool kids call “jazzing it.”

Third round I was torn between holding onto my pair of 5s vs. some serious flush potential in the heart quadrant. Opted for the pair and ended up with two-pair, winning back $200. Up to $5000 now, and decided to go all in. I know Chiyu tried that once and no one ever heard from him again, but I had a good feeling about the next hand.

Unfortunately it turns out this game doesn’t actually let you go all in, and anyway my pair of Jacks was rewarded with the message “Higher pair, even money.” Nobody won. Truly, when you play Jazz Jackrabbit’s Poker Broker, nobody ever wins. Not even the Nguyens. Not even you.

See you next week for more exciting broken polkaing action!


Permalink Ori and the Blind Forest March 10th 2015

Source: Steam

Moon Studios’ new title, Ori and the Blind Forest, has just released to Steam and Xbox One, with beautiful graphics and widespread rave reviews. Besides being the latest 2D rabbit(ish)-based platformer, why should you care? Among the game’s geographically diverse development team are respected J2O users et (gameplay programming) and EvilMike (level design). I haven’t gotten final word yet on whether they managed to sneak in any explicit Jazz references, so now’s the time to buy it and find out for yourself, as well as to see what they’ve been up to over the past four years or so. Oh, and enjoy the game, of course, but by all accounts that’s hardly a difficult thing to do. ;)


Permalink Changing of the polls March 5th 2015

Have you downloaded anything from J2O lately?
I download everything new 5 votes (9%)
I've downloaded a few things 15 votes (27%)
Not recently, no 32 votes (59%)
My harddisk was full sorry 2 votes (3%)
Total votes: 54

That was up for a while! A long while. Let’s move on… Are there games you spend more time with than JJ2? Personally I’m counting both playing the game itself and also interacting with the game’s broader community (including other websites and IRC channels), but answer the question in whatever way feels most correct for your own life.

(I am asking about your current behavior, however… if you played JJ2 twelve hours a day five years ago, but in 2015 you play it significantly less than Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, JJ2 isn’t your primary game for the purpose of this poll.)

And of course, if there are specific community-based reasons (tournaments, contests, fanart, whatever) that might be leading you to spend more time with another game, feel free to mention them here! You never know but someone might want to make something like that happen.


Permalink Omri Lahav comes back with a remix of Jazz Be Damned! March 4th 2015

Source: youtube

After Omri Lahav’s great remix of Medieval Jam, he comes back to suprise us with the remix of Jazz Be Damned!
Give it a shot!.

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