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Permalink JJ2 Online - Facebook Community November 23rd 2014

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JJ2Online

I started a small Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community on Facebook, called “JJ2 Online”. It’s not such a big deal, I know. However I wish more Jazz Jackrabbit fans to like it. Go ahead and give a like, of course, if you wish to do that. Thanks! :)

(Hope it’s not counted as advertising)

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Permalink Deadline extended! November 17th 2014

Source: JCF thread

You may have been working on an entry to my treasure contest, and thought it’s too late. Well, in fact it’s not quite yet, since I extended the deadline to November the 25th!

The thread is right here, incase you missed it.

I’m also hosting a LRS server soon. It won’t be dedicated, however.

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Permalink Fairly pointless news: Music composer recently views JJ2 review. November 14th 2014

Source: Youtube.com

Read if you care about such things!
Just a random bit of slightly pointless news, but news nonetheless, about a week ago I ran into Alexander Brandon’s private YouTube account as he complimented a Tyrian remix someone had uploaded. Upon going to his page I noticed he viewed and “liked” a positive review of JJ2 about two days prior (so this is maybe like 10 days ago realistically). Like I said, pointless, but it’s cool to see that developers still occasionally think about our faithful green rabbit while browsing the web, and that he was looking up JJ2 on YouTube very recently.

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Permalink The treasure contest has begun! October 3rd 2014

Source: JCF thread

And if I get at least 2 quality entires, there will be a 2nd place prize of 12! Infact, It had begun a few days ago, I was just lazy about posting it.

Here’s the thread. The deadline is November the 15th, and a few new rules have been added.

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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit Advance review September 29th 2014

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE2NmkMaLso

YouTuber, “ThatRatGuy” has uploaded a video review of everyone’s favorite game in the series, Jazz Jackrabbit for the GBA.

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Permalink Want to take part in a treasure level making contest? September 17th 2014

Source: JCF thread

That’s right, a contest for the forgotten official gamemode. And you could win real money! However, this won’t happen without your input.

You can also find more information on this thread here.

The poll will last for two weeks, so get voting!

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Permalink LFG-2000 AEG project is finished! July 30th 2014

Source: JCF

if you want more reviews, Click here

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Permalink How CrashLevel Began April 26th 2014

One day, Jazz and Spaz had a plan. Their city, Jazzville, is vandalized by the authorities of JazzCity. Scratches on the cars, messages from graffiti saying “DIE RABBIT” and changing cinemas’ names to “Cinemmenic”, also the mirroring of other buildings, had happened in Jazzville. Jazz got a huge task from Spaz. His task is to save the city, arrest the authorities from JazzCity who vandalized the city, and his very big task is to get back everything to normal. Spaz was afraid of it, and had to move. He moved to Carrottus to save Eva Earlong, in case does Jazz get back or not. The news on TV said that Jazzville was vandalized. It also said that it awaits Jazz and Spaz to its own adventure, but Spaz wasn’t in the Jackrabbit house. A hobo, a Jazz with a blue hat, an authority who did everything bad to Jazzville, is awaiting to be arrested by Jazz with the help from the police. The police identified him and will take action soon. A siren was heard for 8 hours. The sign was vandalism. Several Jazzville authorities deleted parts of a graffiti message saying “DIE RABBIT” in case of Jazz. CrashLevel began. Jazz leaves his street and goes to a big adventure.

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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2 featured on Gamer.nl April 21st 2014

Source: gamer.nl

With the easter in mind and that they have specials about older games. The most popular Dutch gaming website Gamer.nl has written a special about our green hare.

They talk about what happend with the JJ2 dev crew, what the game is about and what you can do.

Also they applaud that the game still works in 2014 and that there is even a dedicated webpage/community in JJ2.

It’s pretty neat and if you are Dutch go give it a check.

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