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Permalink Omri Lahav makes a guitar remix of Medieval Jam January 30th 2015

Source: YouTube

Some of us might already have heard about Omri Lahav and his Jazz Jackrabbit 2 soundtrack remixes. He recently published on Youtube his guitar remix of Medieval Jam. Give it a shot!

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Permalink 'Play JJ2 With Your Real Name' week: CANCELED January 25th 2015

Since I got so many negative votes on both the JCForums and on JJ.net, the week won’t happen. It’s to stay safe, it’s a good idea that there was a poll. Hopefully, we will think of something more fun, and which will not affect other people’s personal lives.
~Well, i would at least like to thank you for putting the ‘Name week’ stuff on the front page. ~

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Permalink JCS Awards 2014: results January 25th 2015

Source: JCF thread

The voting is now over. Thanks for all your votes and thanks to JCS users for providing the site with quality downloads. Here’s a list of community’s choices on the best uploads and uploaders of 2014:

Best Battle Level
Decimation by Sir Ementaler

Best CTF Level
Ancient Museum by FireSworD

Best Other MP Level
Overgrown by Laro B.

Best Single Player Release
Sonic with a Gun by Violet CLM

Best Use of AngelScript
Decimation by Sir Ementaler

Best JCSer

View the JCF post for more details, runner-ups and a summary.
Congratulations to all the winners!

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Permalink 'Play JJ2 With Your Real Name' week January 22nd 2015


Me and Invisible had this idea to orginise a ‘Play JJ2 With Your Real Name’ week (well it was originaly supposed to be a day, but i figured it wouldn’t be that fun anyway).
The week will be officaly started from Monday, 26th of January (according to the Gregorian calendar) to 1st of February, 2015
The week will be changed to some other close date next year, and so on.
What you have to do is basicly replace your JJ2 nickname with your real name before entering a server. i-)

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Permalink New Jazz game by fans . December 29th 2014

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220553391295369/1034730049877695/?notif_t=like

brothers I have an idea!
What do you say to all new games jazz ?

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Permalink JJ3DX Walkthrough December 23rd 2014

Source: JJ2 Hungary

As a first sentence, let me wish every Jazzer a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with Jazz Jackrabbit!
Maybe you saw a game called JJ3DX, created by Louis K in the downloads. JJ2 Hungary started a walkthrough about it (don’t worry about the language, it hasn’t got commentary).
So I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas again and enjoy the holiday season! :)

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Permalink JJ2 Online - Facebook Community November 23rd 2014

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JJ2Online

I started a small Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community on Facebook, called “JJ2 Online”. It’s not such a big deal, I know. However I wish more Jazz Jackrabbit fans to like it. Go ahead and give a like, of course, if you wish to do that. Thanks! :)

(Hope it’s not counted as advertising)

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Permalink Deadline extended! November 17th 2014

Source: JCF thread

You may have been working on an entry to my treasure contest, and thought it’s too late. Well, in fact it’s not quite yet, since I extended the deadline to November the 25th!

The thread is right here, incase you missed it.

I’m also hosting a LRS server soon. It won’t be dedicated, however.

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Permalink Fairly pointless news: Music composer recently views JJ2 review. November 14th 2014

Source: Youtube.com

Read if you care about such things!
Just a random bit of slightly pointless news, but news nonetheless, about a week ago I ran into Alexander Brandon’s private YouTube account as he complimented a Tyrian remix someone had uploaded. Upon going to his page I noticed he viewed and “liked” a positive review of JJ2 about two days prior (so this is maybe like 10 days ago realistically). Like I said, pointless, but it’s cool to see that developers still occasionally think about our faithful green rabbit while browsing the web, and that he was looking up JJ2 on YouTube very recently.

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Permalink The treasure contest has begun! October 3rd 2014

Source: JCF thread

And if I get at least 2 quality entires, there will be a 2nd place prize of 12! Infact, It had begun a few days ago, I was just lazy about posting it.

Here’s the thread. The deadline is November the 15th, and a few new rules have been added.

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