Obtaining The Games

A common question regarding the Jazz Jackrabbit games is where to obtain them. For the longest time, none of the games were commonly available, and the only way to get them was second-hand. As of 2017, both the first and second games of the series are available digitally.


Your best bet is probably to acquire the games via GOG, an online retailer. These are digital copies of the games, and include a few expansions as well. Use the links below for more information:


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and add-ons

Jazz Jackrabbit 1

Holiday Hare '94 and '95

  • Holiday Hare ’94 and ’95 are both shareware and can be downloaded in various places online, such as ModDB.

Jazz Jackrabbit Advance

  • Jazz Jackrabbit Advance is out of print, and you can acquire it second-hand only.

Jazz Jackrabbit 3

  • The Jazz Jackrabbit 3 alpha version was never for sale and cannot be distributed legally. We can unfortunately not offer instructions on how to acquire it here.


The games can occasionally be found in bargain bins or second-hand. You should probably check your local online second-hand platform first, but here are some sites that may sell the game: