Party Mode - Index

  • Multiplayer F.A.Q. - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Jazz Jackrabbit 2's multiplayer mode.
  • Necessary downloads to play online - If you want to play Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with others on the Internet, you will need at least some of the files on this page.
  • Basic Game Types - This is an explanation of the basic game modes in jj2.
  • Jazz2 Weapons - Here you can find descriptions of all the weapons in Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
  • Show my IP address - This page will tell you what your internet protocol address is. That is the identification of your computer when using the internet. If you give this address to other people, they can join your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 server.
  • Games in Progress - See which JJ2 servers there are online and join one.
  • JJ2 & Gateway- Can't play online for some reason? This page may help you.
  • Multiplayer Strategies - Want to improve your multiplayer skills so that you can beat the greatest? No? Don't click this link, then.