Necessary Downloads to play online

To play Jazz Jackrabbit online you'll need several things.

You should absolutely get:

JJ2+ (beta) - A large and essential fan-made JJ2 patch. Has many bugfixes and new features, such as the new Team Battle and Last Rabbit Standing gametypes, spectator mode and game scripting. Most online servers and many modern custom levels use and often even require this patch.

If you own the game via GOG, there is no need to install the patch manually; follow the official installation instructions instead.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.21 to 1.23 patch - If you have the original version of Jazz Jackabbit 2 (not any of the expansion packs, The Secret Files or Christmas Chronicles), you will need to install the 1.23 patch. You won't be able to play online or install JJ2+ without it. The patch updates the files in your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 directory. It will also fix several bugs in the game and add several features. This patch was released by the game's developer, Epic Games.

Other (optional) patches and applications

  • SGIP is an online server list with a lot of server information and one-click join links that work with the latest version of JJ2+.
  • JazzTool - JazzTool allows you to edit your name and rabbit color for multiplayer games. It also shows you a preview!