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Permalink Bonus Bunny Poll

For today’s poll, let’s consider that underappreciated supporting castmember, the bonus bunny. Or is there more than one bonus bunny? He does come in seven colors! Is he recoloring himself at the speed of light, or is there a whole guild of them which crosses time and space?

And here are the results from the previous poll! If you’re good at rhyming and rhythm, looks like it’s time to get jamming.

What medium should Jazz be adapted to?
Alternate Reality Game 2 votes (9%)
Live action TV 4 votes (19%)
Musical theater 5 votes (23%)
Black-and-white comic strips published in monthly zine 4 votes (19%)
Folk music 2 votes (9%)
Numbers station 2 votes (9%)
Pachinko machine 2 votes (9%)
Total votes: 21

- Violet CLM

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How many rabbits are bonus bunnies?

3 votes 15%
9 votes 45%
One per level
4 votes 20%
One per warp
3 votes 15%
1 votes 5%

Total votes: 20