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Permalink World's biggest Jazz Jackrabbit collection shown in public

Yesterday the Dutch National Home Computer Museum (Helmond, the Netherlands) opened a new section that feature’s community member Anne Bras his Guinness world record of most complete and largest big box collection. This has a special section dedicated to Dutch gaming with ofcourse Jazz Jackrabbit.

With the opening the gaming cover band “Floppy Ears and big guns” performed covers from games such as Doom, Prince of Persia, Jazz Jackrabbit and Duke Nukem. This including a belly dancer dancing on Prince of Persia music.

Was there enough music? Nope, not really. DJ Wisefire (Ysbrand) performed some funky 8 bit music with his rather unique instrument; a Nintendo DS Micro.

Also there was a presentation from JP van Seventer (Dutch Game Garden, Davilex) and a special geust appearance from Jazz Jackrabbit dev Arjan Brussee (Epic Games, Guerilla). In which people could bombard him with gaming, development & pc related questions.

If you want to visit the museum yourself, to see the Jazz Jackrabbit collection or other nifty home computer trinkets? You can find info on their website: https://www.homecomputermuseum.nl/en/

- ShadowGPW

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