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Permalink jazzjackrabbit.net temporarily taken down

One of the other major Jazz Jackrabbit websites, jazzjackrabbit.net, has currently been disabled due to hackers. There is not currently a timeline for when it will be restored. According to SuperJazz, if you visited that site and were “told to download and update your Chrome browser, then you have most likely encountered malicious content. In case you happened to click any links or download anything from there, be sure to run a full virus scan on your computer.”

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Don't use the frog's tongue to attack, because when the tongue hits a baddie, you get hurt.

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    By Slaz (Tileset)

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Where should Bilsy live?

Colonial Chaos
3 votes 7%
Fourteen Carrot
1 votes 2%
Voltage Village
1 votes 2%
Jungle Jump
4 votes 10%
A Cold Day in Heck (replacing Bubba)
9 votes 22%
Rabbit Roast
15 votes 37%
Burnin Biscuits
0 votes 0%
Graveyard Shift
5 votes 12%
2 votes 5%

Total votes: 40