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Permalink JJ1 Planet Bracket, round 1

With Jazz Jackrabbit’s thirtieth birthday coming up, let’s try something different with our polls: a bracket to pick the best JJ1 planet! Every bracket round will last a week, giving you all plenty of time to replay JJ1 and remember which you like the best.

By the way, here are the results for the last J2O poll. Looks like it’s hard to break that demon-hell association:

Where should Bilsy live?
Colonial Chaos 4 votes (9%)
Fourteen Carrot 1 vote (2%)
Voltage Village 1 vote (2%)
Jungle Jump 4 votes (9%)
A Cold Day in Heck (replacing Bubba) 9 votes (20%)
Rabbit Roast 15 votes (34%)
Burnin Biscuits 0 vote (0%)
Graveyard Shift 7 votes (16%)
other 2 votes (4%)
Total votes: 43

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

The idea of the Electro-Blaster weapon was first found in Earthworm Jim 2, not Jazz Jackrabbit 2. [-Nickadot]