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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 1 second Community Patch released

GOG.com’s distribution of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 has been updated with a new patch:

Jazz Jackrabbit CD
  • Fixed incorrect thresholds for 100% items and enemies in Diamondus Secret, Tubelectric 2, Medivo Guardian, Letni 2, Technoir 1 & Secret, Orbitus 1 & Guardian, Nippius 2, Jungrock Guardian, Sluggion 2, Dreempipes 1 & 2, Pezrock 1, 2 & Guardian, Chrysilis 1 & 2, Battleships 1 & Guardian, Muckamok 1, Exoticus 1 & 2, Deckstar 1 & 2, and Lagunicus 1.
  • Fixed incorrect sprite for time pickup in Technoir 1.
  • Fixed the incorrect sound playing when you pick up the spring shoes pickup in Exoticus 1 & 2 and Deserto Secret.
  • Fixed missing sound effects in Marbelara 2 and Ceramicus 1 & 2.
  • Fixed a slightly wrong sound playing when you fire the toaster weapon in every episode past the first one.
  • Fixed incorrect movement speed for launcher bullets in Megaairbase and Jungrock Guardians.
  • Fixed minor sprite issue with Hip Hop’s attacks in post-E6 levels
Holiday Hare ’95
  • Fixed “explosive” effect when you pick up carrots in all Candion levels.
  • Fixed the moving platforms in Bloxonius 1 & 2 not moving Jazz correctly.
  • Fixed incorrect sprite for hoverboard pickup in Bloxonius 1.
  • Fixed the incorrect sound playing when you pick up the spring shoes pickup in Candion 1 & 2.
  • Fixed minor sprite issue with Hip Hop’s attacks.

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 turns 30 years old on August 1st, and with these new fixes, it’s in better shape than ever!

Like the last Jazz 1 patch, this was crafted by community members rsgdbfevx and Love & Thunder.

This patch is currently exclusively available through GOG, either through its website or through the GOG Galaxy client. If you haven’t already bought Jazz 1, it’s 82% off for the next twelve hours…

Meanwhile, GOG’s distribution of Jazz 2 has been updated (only on the website currently, not in Galaxy) to include an “Extra” download of the manual from the MAC version. This is the full-color HTML manual with Epic’s own images of the comic, not scans.

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Use �end� as the Next Level to go to the title screen after you�ve won. Don�t use �endepis� or �ending� as these are used in the official levels. [-Shen]

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