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Permalink UNniversary Bash 4 confirmed for 30th of November!

Missed Anniversary Bash 21? Just want more time to celebrate and chill? Well you’re in luck, because UNniversary bash 4 is starting soon – and you have the power to vote on a hand-picked selection of maps!

The start date itself coincides with the GOG re-release of Jazz2. As my final self-founded bash, lets go out with a bang!

Judge curation is in progress at the time of this newspost. Be sure to check back on the thread every now and then, or use the special #ub4_input channel at the Jazz Discord.

- TreyLina

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Be ever judicious!

Downloads spotlight

  • Ice Temple Ruins

    Ice Temple Ruins

    By Odin314 (Battle)

  • Endless Motion
  • Another Dimension
  • Miracle of Sun
  • The Episode
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Best JJ1 Guardian?

Diamondus (secret level turtle)
2 votes 12%
Medivo (flying pod)
1 votes 6%
Orbitus (ostrich)
1 votes 6%
Megairbase (tank)
1 votes 6%
Jungrock (green lizard)
1 votes 6%
Dreempipes (owl)
2 votes 12%
Battleships (CPUs)
0 votes 0%
Battleships (giant rabbit)
6 votes 37%
Muckamok (Zoonik)
1 votes 6%
Deckstar (machine)
1 votes 6%
Lagunicus (orb)
0 votes 0%

Total votes: 16