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While we wait for more information about JDC Season 30, Jazz Jackrabbit has been making some surprising appearances across the internet:

Jazz is in Doom

AlanjWeh89 has created a custom .wad file for Doom that lets you play as Jazz in several familiar locales, fighting familiar enemies with familiar weapons. You can read about it and download it now.

Jazz is in anime

Shaddow Black0 would like you to watch Jazz Jackrabbit The Movie Mini Trailer Fanmade (Jazz With Muscles)!

Jazz is in ultra high resolution

Magnifai has upscaled the Jazz 2 intro animation (as well as the Epic Megagames and Orange Games logo sequences) to 1920×1440, working frame by frame using different neural networks. Check it out here!

- Violet CLM

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  • Voltage Cable Malfunction

    Voltage Cable Malfunction

    By FawFul (Capture the flag)

  • Palmtree Plaza
  • Devan's Revenge (Intro)
  • Another Story (Try-Me Competition event 3 entry)
  • Pipe Dream
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