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Few JJ2 creators approach Blade in sheer quality and quantity both. His single player pack “The Episode” was the #1 recommended download in GOG.com’s mod spotlight, his Battle Pack boasts elaborate complex layouts, but he’s probably best known for his tilesets… and now there’s a new one, Rainbow Runner, his 15th. Only one review so far, but surely more to come.

You can read more about Rainbow Runner’s development process in this forum thread, reminiscent of the Strange Tales of Blade blog that documented the creation of The Fortress of Forgotten Souls. And there may yet be more to come… Rainbow Runner’s readme mentions:

All of this cutting led me to create the idea of an appendix tileset, which would work maybe mostly as a curiosity but at the same time it could have some use in the hands of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community’s MLLE level artists.The appendix tileset is not included in this Rainbow Runner release, but if the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community is interested in the appendix tileset, I can gladly make that release happen

(And if you already know about Rainbow Runner because you’ve been keeping up with J2O’s downloads section, e.g. by following J2O on Twitter, here’s something not in our downloads section: the Jazz Jackrabbit DOOM TC we featured a while back has released three full episodes by now.)

- Violet CLM

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Sometimes when you go on the copter, it turns invisible while you're still on it! [-Blackraptor]

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