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Permalink JazzJackrabbit.net National Tournament signups are open

The well known clan competition site JazzJackrabbit.net is bringing back the National Tournament. This is a tournament in which nations will fight each other for the glory of being the best nation in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 multiplayer. Every nation of the world is eligible to play!

Signups have already been started! So hurry up, because the signups will close at may 31st.

- ShadowGPW

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Jazz is green!

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    Lost Flag

    By ALEX4u (Capture the flag)

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  • Blade's Battle Pack Volume 2
  • Ürdüng Chronicles #1
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If JJ2 had a new playable character, who should it be?

Devan Shell
21 votes 39%
Eva Earlong
7 votes 13%
Zoe Cottontail (from JJA)
2 votes 3%
Razz ma Tazz (from JJ3)
9 votes 16%
Batteryman (from Battery Check)
0 votes 0%
Fooruman (from Foo Products)
2 votes 3%
Other existing character
0 votes 0%
New original character
12 votes 22%

Total votes: 53