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Permalink JJ1 Planet Bracket SEMIFINALS

We’re three weeks into the Jazz 1 Planets bracket! These 4 planets have been eliminated from the standings: they are not the best planet.

  • Deserto
  • Bloxonius
  • Marbelara
  • Scraparap

These 4 planets remain:

  • Crysilis
  • Technoir
  • Diamondus
  • Medivo

The surviving 4 planets have been sorted into 2 new matchups that you can vote on right now, or any time in the next week!

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Some people think that you should provide the passwords of your levels in the readme file. That way people who get the level when a server is run won't be able to rip your levels, but if someone decides to add your level to a pack(like Zeal Alpha), they will be able to edit it.