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Anniversary Bash 22 is getting closer and closer… it’s this coming weekend, starting April 10th! Because so much of the world is on lockdown these days for pandemic reasons, it seems like a good idea to ask if people would like the bash this year to last longer than the usual four days. You can cast your vote in the new J2O poll in the bottom right of the front page.

As a reminder, the Anniversary Bash is an annual event celebrating the full release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, where a dedicated multiplayer server is run for a few days with a pre-prepared levellist of Battle and CTF levels. Read this JCF thread for more details! If you want to submit any new Battle or CTF levels to be played in the bash, you have until Wednesday!

Also this was a bad time for news because we want to make sure people hear about the bash, but as a followup to last month’s list of games made by community members: now happygreenfrog‘s game Xenogunner is available on Steam!

Also, here are the results from the previous poll! It looks like fighting Devan is not nearly as popular as fighting another rabbit, or even a weird teleporting hedgehog ninja from the nth dimension.

Best JJ1 Guardian?
Diamondus (secret level turtle) 4 votes (14%)
Medivo (flying pod) 3 votes (11%)
Orbitus (ostrich) 1 vote (3%)
Megairbase (tank) 2 votes (7%)
Jungrock (green lizard) 1 vote (3%)
Dreempipes (owl) 2 votes (7%)
Battleships (CPUs) 0 vote (0%)
Battleships (giant rabbit) 10 votes (37%)
Muckamok (Zoonik) 3 votes (11%)
Deckstar (machine) 1 vote (3%)
Lagunicus (orb) 0 vote (0%)
Total votes: 27

- Violet CLM

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Do you want a longer Anniversary Bash this year?

Yes, bring it on!
6 votes 100%
No, four days is fine.
0 votes 0%

Total votes: 6