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Permalink Jill of the Jungle released as freeware

Before Jazz, Epic MegaGames had a different platformer hero: Jill of the Jungle. She was the star of three episodes released from 1992 to 1993, and later reappeared as a table in Epic Pinball and in one of Jazz 1’s episode selection pictures… then nothing more. With the demise of the Epic Classics webstore in 2012, it became impossible to obtain the latter two (non-shareware) episodes of Jill legally.

Until today, when GOG.com has not only rereleased the complete trilogy, but made it permanently freeware for the first time ever. Is your Epic collection complete??

(Another Epic game, Xargon, was built from Jill’s engine/gameplay with significantly upgraded graphics, but Xargon was declared freeware over ten years ago.)

- Violet CLM

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