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Permalink Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

Snow is falling in the backgrounds of J2O, JJ1, and JJ2+, carolers are out in the streets without their safety goggles, and candles are being lit at sunset around the world. The J2O staff wishes you all a spectacular holiday season and a happy new year. Enjoy the last bits of 2018!

PurpleJazz is planning a JJ2 Christmas Party from 20th to 23rd December; check out the JCF thread for further information!

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Events on the farthest right column and bottom row of the level will not work.

Downloads spotlight

  • Gothic Cathedral

    Gothic Cathedral

    By Galavant ! (Tileset)

  • Pearl-Shell Shore (DOM)
  • Episode Two: The Rebirth of Evil
  • IC-IF Medivo
  • Forest Swamp
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Which of CliffyB's unfinished game ideas do you find most interesting?

6 votes 31%
1 votes 5%
9 votes 47%
Radical Heights
3 votes 15%

Total votes: 19