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Permalink New preview images for levels

J2O now has new, more detailed preview images for levels in the downloads section. Choose any download, right back to the very first, and click a level filename under the “File contents” header. You’ll now see an even more detailed preview image than before which includes object sprites, textured backgrounds (where applicable), and even some JJ2+ features like custom palettes, edited tile images, extra tilesets, and extra layers.

J2O’s level preview support originated in 2009, but this update takes it a step further by including sprites like in BlurredD’s 2006 suggestion.

- Violet CLM

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Downloads spotlight

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    Charnel Keep

    By Blackraptor (Capture the flag)

  • Literally Frozen Spring
  • Death Metal
  • Jazz of the Jungle
  • Foo Single Player 2/14: Electric Foorufoo: BunnyLover 2018: This Time It's Personnel, Kid
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How many rabbits are bonus bunnies?

6 votes 14%
23 votes 54%
One per level
7 votes 16%
One per warp
4 votes 9%
2 votes 4%

Total votes: 42