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Permalink Prep for Bash 21 begins

As the sunny day of April 9th draws near, preparations for the yearly Anniversary Bash are already underway. Follow the JCF thread for info about the dates and the lists!

If you want one (or more) of your new Battle or CTF level(s) to be considered for inclusion, you have until Wednesday 3rd April to submit it (…). I highly recommend you go and make something, as the Bash more than any other time of the year (outside of JDC) is a fantastic opportunity to give your levels the exposure they deserve!

- cooba

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Did you know?

Never forget to provide a next level setting. If your pack only contains one level, set the next level setting to its own filename.

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    Desert Serpent

    By Toni_ (Battle)

  • Total Annihilation I: Massive Destruction
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  • Epitome
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Radical Heights
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