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Permalink Bash 20 starts this weekend!

Better free up your weekend schedule if you haven’t already, as Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s 20th Anniversary Bash takes place this weekend, celebrating twenty great years since JJ2’s shareware demo was first released!

For those of you who don’t know, the Anniversary Bash is a special event in which a dedicated server is hosted over a period of few days with a pre-prepared list of 100 different Battle and CTF levels. This server will start with CTF levels, and will alternate gamemodes each day. There will likely be an event or two of another gamemode to mix things up at some point during the bash; let us know of anything you’d be interested in playing in the comments.

The bash server is due to start tomorrow (Friday April 6th) at approximately 17:00 GMT+1, and will conclude some time on the following Tuesday morning.

For now, you can download the level pack if you’d like to check out the levels in advance.

I hope to see you all there!

(You will need a registered copy of Jazz 2 with the JJ2+ patch in order to join the bash. Buy Jazz 2 from GOG if you don’t own it yet—currently 15% off!)

- PurpleJazz

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Did you know?

Spaz can jump higher than Jazz.

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If JJ2 had a new playable character, who should it be?

Devan Shell
17 votes 43%
Eva Earlong
5 votes 12%
Zoe Cottontail (from JJA)
0 votes 0%
Razz ma Tazz (from JJ3)
8 votes 20%
Batteryman (from Battery Check)
0 votes 0%
Fooruman (from Foo Products)
2 votes 5%
Other existing character
0 votes 0%
New original character
7 votes 17%

Total votes: 39