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Permalink Jazz to be featured at the Shots Fired marathon! July 10th 2018

Source: horaro.org

So you’re probably thinking “What the heck is Shots Fired?” Well, it’s a semi-annual speedrunning marathon which exclusively features shooting games of all kinds. And not one – but two Jazz games are featured to appear!

There will be Jazz 1, All episodes + bonus levels with turbo run by SimonN on 7:33pm UTC+1, Saturday the 14th.

And also a Jazz 2 Spaz race of the original campaign between BinaryBlob and Dominator101, (the top two runners) on 9:03pm UTC+1, Saturday the 14th.

The marathon itself is running on the 10th-15th of July. Check out its full timetable here, and here for the marathon stream.

DISCLAIMER: Times are announced at the time of creating this post, and may become delayed. Keep rechecking the timetable (which automatically adjusts according to your own timezone) if you want to catch them live.

In other less but somewhat related news, BinaryBlob just smashed a new World Record in this classic category!

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Permalink Clay Jazz Jackrabbit May 14th 2018

Hey everyone,

Many of you might already have seen it, but someone suggested to post it here in the RabbitJournal, so I hope you all like it. :)

Last Friday I decided to make a Jazz Jackrabbit statue out of clay. I really wanted a Jazz Jackrabbit statue for a long time now, but to let someone make one for you is quite expensive. So I though by myself “Why not make one myself?”. And the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 20th anniversary seemed like the perfect moment to do it.

I was really afraid that I would screw up the face since a lot can go wrong there, but I’m actually quite happy with the result.

I’m not sure if I should paint it or not. We’ll see. Eventually it will join the rest of my Jazz Jackrabbit collection in the museum.

So, what have you been up to lately? ;)

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Permalink A Jazz Jackrabbit on GoG or Steam? (or anything else?) October 24th 2017

Source: https://twitter.com/Flak/status/922777992891428864

After asking Tim Sweeney from Epic Games on Twitter if we ever could see a release of a Jazz Jackrabbit title on Steam or GoG. He refered me to their community manager Stacey Conley (aka Flak). She replied “I just might have something up my sleeve. Stay tuned.”

I guess she has something in her sleeve and we should wait for it.

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Permalink LGR made a video about Jazz Jackrabbit's Poker Broker September 15th 2017

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=469Br9JIrG4

As the title suggests, LGR made a video about the very obscure “Jazz Jackrabbit’s Poker Broker” shareware poker game. Maybe this is not exactly news worthy, but it’s definitely something, as it’s the first video about this obscure software that carries Jazz’s name.

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Permalink Tweedles ?! July 15th 2017

I am working on jazz 2 unused boss that never spawn when put in any lvl but its battle is soooo cool I am using gamemaker studio to make it so when it is finished I am going to put it at once on this page and if you want the bounce lvl too comment :3

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Permalink jct (jazz complete trouble) July 7th 2017

in this levels that I wrote about it before it is better to play by spaz more than jazz and lori because there will be a lot of jumping and kicking but how ever you still can play by jazz and lori if you like
Jazz Complete Trouble 1 : many ways to start with
Jazz Complete T

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Permalink jct #2 July 7th 2017

I am going to make a hard bonus level which you choose from 2 ways
1-play as hip-hop (Bird)
2-play as a frog

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Permalink jct July 7th 2017

I am making a level that you can end by different ways the way that you will choose is the way that you are going to end it.
1- a way that will lead you for many goodies and less enemy
2- a very hard way that will lead you to less goodies more enemy and a boss battle
3-way to a normal level that there is no boss or thing more than this and it have an end area like the original levels

So , What do you think ? :3

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Permalink how can i play Jazzjackrabbit2 March 3rd 2017

I used to play this when i was a kid , 10 years ago now i just checked on internet that i can play this game and online i want to know where can i download this game , someoen help me pls :(

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Permalink JCS Awards 2016: The Results January 18th 2017

Source: JCF

The results are in!

Best Battle Level of 2016

Forest Swamp – FireSworD
Zes – DarkSonic
Twin Stalactites – FireSworD
Trademark II – Snooze

Best CTF Level of 2016

Scrapyard – PurpleJazz
The Astrolabe – Ragnarok
Hall of the Mountain King – Superjazz

Best SP Release of 2016

A Generic Single Player Level II – Blackraptor
Forest Forgotten – Spaztic
Ürdüng Chronicles #1 – FarkasUrdung

Best JCSer of 2016

Blackraptor FireSworD
FarkasUrdung Sir Ementaler

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work in keeping the JCS scene alive in 2016, and thank you to all who voted! Who knows, maybe 2017 will finally be your year… ;)

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