Permalink All live Jazz music performances posted April 19th 2018

You may recall last month’s post about recordings of the live band performances of music from the Jazz Jackrabbit games. New videos were posted every Monday since then, and now the full playlist has been uploaded, with seven full performances:

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For more fun from the Jazz Jackrabbit Museum Exhibition, you can check out Shadow’s facebook gallery, or watch G@vie’s video report.

The exhibit is still open until the end of this month, April 30th, at the National Games Museum in the Netherlands.

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Quick news bit:

Just a heads-up, we have a new Privacy Policy page. Stijn

Permalink Bash 20 starts this weekend! April 5th 2018

Source: JCF

Better free up your weekend schedule if you haven’t already, as Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s 20th Anniversary Bash takes place this weekend, celebrating twenty great years since JJ2’s shareware demo was first released!

For those of you who don’t know, the Anniversary Bash is a special event in which a dedicated server is hosted over a period of few days with a pre-prepared list of 100 different Battle and CTF levels. This server will start with CTF levels, and will alternate gamemodes each day. There will likely be an event or two of another gamemode to mix things up at some point during the bash; let us know of anything you’d be interested in playing in the comments.

The bash server is due to start tomorrow (Friday April 6th) at approximately 17:00 GMT+1, and will conclude some time on the following Tuesday morning.

For now, you can download the level pack if you’d like to check out the levels in advance.

I hope to see you all there!

(You will need a registered copy of Jazz 2 with the JJ2+ patch in order to join the bash. Buy Jazz 2 from GOG if you don’t own it yet—currently 15% off!)


Permalink April News Roundup April 1st 2018

Source: This is violet, isn't it?

30,000,000 fur colors leaked from Camel Duels

Camel Duels stocks plunged perilously last week after news reports that a new experimental mutator, written by a data analysis firm linked to the Polish Mafia, illetionly harvested the fur colors of all thirty million Camel Duels accounts. In response to mounting public pressure to address the leak, including a permanently pinging “Delete Camel” server that has been made to appear at the top of the server list, Camel Duels has announced plans to remove the ability of all players to use fur colors at all, until they unlock new furs using the new Camel Credit system. At the moment, Camel Credits can only be earned by winning duels, though one user claims to have run the numbers and determined it would take over 4000 hours of playing JJ2 continuously in order to unlock a full set of custom fur colors. At press time, only Jety has managed this.

Next JJ2+ release to raise server player limit to 100 for LRS games

“We’re confident that this is the change needed to encourage more people to play JJ2,” said one JJ2+ spokesrabbit. “There’s something special about JJ2’s frenetic, fast-paced gameplay, and nowhere is JJ2 more fast-paced than in LRS games. This change should mean that people who didn’t want to play LRS when the player limit was 32 will definitely want to play it when the player limit is 100.” Other incredibly significant changes to gameplay are also being discussed as possibilities, such as displaying an animation of an airplane when you first spawn in a level, though so far no luck has been had while scouring for suitable airplane sprites. This new development focus on LRS also means that no more work will be put into patching bugs in the Pestilence gamemode.

Foo Products returns, dumping old product line in favor of new “FooCoin”

Industry entrepreneur Black Ninja has made a surprise JCF post announcing the latest return of Foo Products, guaranteed to revitalize the Foo fandom as much as each previous return did. Foo Products—traditionally known for such offerings as Foo Races, Foo Movies, Foo Fighters, and New Coke—will be abandoning all those past efforts in favor of a new cryptocurrency FooCoin, which Black Ninja promises will be at least three times as crypto as any other cryptocurrency on the market. Early adopters will be able to mine special limited-edition FooCoins with Fooruman’s face on them, whereas later miners will have to settle for images of other parts of his body. A brief interview with Black Ninja follows:

Q: Is FooCoin a sensible, trustworthy investment?
A: Blockchain.
Q: What do you say to critics who worry that Foo Products’ past expertise is in such a radically different field that you will inevitably make some mistakes in this FooCoin rollout?
A: Blockchain.
Q: What does this mean for older Foo Products lines? For instance, will there be a new Foo Single Player release involving players paying their rent using cryptocurrency?
A: Blockchain.
Q: If FooCoin is a successful enterprise, what will you do with all the money you get out of it?
A: Currently we are planning on funding the porting of JCS to Mac computers.

Permalink Stone Abyss adds 3 final levels, is now complete March 13th 2018

Source: Stone Abyss

You may be familiar with Stone Abyss, a “scripted remake of original JJ2 story” that certainly is one of the better custom single player episodes uploaded in recent years. It started out as a small three-level pack, but has grown considerably in size and sophistication since it was first uploaded in 2014.

Now Bloody_Body has uploaded what might be the final (major?) update to his episode, bringing the total to 12 levels and tweaking the difficulty and mechanics a little as well. Sounds like this might be the definitive edition, so you owe it to yourself to give this a try if you haven’t yet. And also if you have, since chances are there have been some improvements and additions since you last played it.

Check the download page for the details and don’t forget to leave a review once you’ve played it!

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Permalink Live Jazz Jackrabbit Music Performance March 5th 2018


Last month there was a Jazz Jackrabbit event in the National Games Museum in the Netherlands. With some suprising revelations such as a custom Jazz Jackrabbit 2 arcade machine but the event also hosted a cover band ‘Floppy Ears and the Big Guns’.

Ofcourse there are recordings of the LIVE music performances. The first of 7 video’s are now online and new ones will be added every Monday at 17:00!

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Permalink JJ2+ v5.6 released February 28th 2018

Source: JJ2+ JCF Thread

Today (or yesterday, depending on your timezone) marks the release of the latest version of JJ2+, version 5.6.

Some highlights include:

  • Support for custom language files; support for Afrikaans, Arabic, Polish and Swedish is bundled with JJ2+
  • Links in chat are now clickable
  • Better support for modern controllers
  • An ini setting that lets you choose which title screen JJ2 displays on startup
  • The usual assortment of bugfixes and small additions

Download JJ2+ v5.6 now and check the changelog for a full list of changes!


Permalink Anniversary Bash 20 coming soon! February 23rd 2018

Source: JCF

The 20th anniversary of JJ2 is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate it than another Anniversary Bash? Be sure to mark Friday 6th to Monday 9th April in your calendar, as this event is not one to miss!

All the information you need can be found by visiting the JCF thread.


Permalink Alexander Brandon shares a labrat remix January 22nd 2018

Source: Twitter

Alexander Brandon (@FunkyRustic on Twitter) the guy that made the music for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and the never released Jazz Jackrabbit 3D has released a remix version of the well known track ‘Labrat’ from JJ2. He released the new track “Back to the Lab” for his upcoming album “Just Fun Custom”; it was commissioned by community member sAlAmAnDeR.

You can find the track and listen to it here!


Permalink Poll about characters January 18th 2018

First, the previous poll:

Overall, which multiplayer gamemode do you prefer?
Battle 27 votes (57%)
Capture the Flag 20 votes (42%)
Total votes: 47

That makes sense. There are significantly more Battle levels than CTF levels, after all, even if the ratio is not the same.

Next up let’s talk about playable characters. JJ2 has several of them already: Jazz, Spaz, and Lori, plus the frog and two different birds. But in today’s game climate maybe that’s not enough? Arjan and CliffyB’s Lawbreakers, for example, boasts eighteen different-ish characters. So if JJ2 added a new full-featured character, who should it be?