Jazz2Online news for October 2013

Permalink JJ2+ update is out! October 31st 2013

Source: JCF thread

At last, after a week and a half, most of the annoying bugs have been removed (hopefully)!
Download here:


Major bugfixes include:

  • Crashing with an Access Violation when loading a level in Single Player mode, if Player 1 is unconfigured.
  • Unspectating players getting kicked or banned for invalid shield use.
  • Players getting “nudged” following a health change.

Some new features are:

  • A greatly improved spam kicker
  • A self kill command
  • Separate controls for mouse and keyboard
  • Switching weapons with the mouse wheel

Want more information? Check out the readme!

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Permalink New JJ2+ release October 20th 2013

Source: JCF Thread

Once again we’ve seen many teasers, here and on the ModDB page, and we’ve missed more than a few planned release dates along the way, but the new JJ2+ is on shelves now! And by shelves I mean J2O.


Some assorted changes:
  • 1.23+ can run TSF levels and tilesets
  • New textured background modes, new tile types, vertically flipped tiles
  • Objects are better synchronized among clients
  • New splash screens
  • AngelScript got a lot more powerful

Be sure to check out the readme, as usual!