Jazz2Online news for November 2013

Permalink Eva to Eva, Funk to Funky November 4th 2013

If Jazz wasn't Jazz, who would he be?
Funk 16 votes (57%)
Soul 2 votes (7%)
Blues 3 votes (10%)
Gabber 7 votes (25%)
Total votes: 28

Well, that’s clear! Looks like our alternate universe Funk FauvedeBourgogne is ready to go. But wait, he needs a motive! Someone has kidnapped the beautiful Princess of the Galactic Rabbits, Princess… Princess… what was her name again?


Permalink Jazz 3D Enhanced Patch ceases development November 2nd 2013

Source: JCF Thread

We post enough about JJ2+ on this site that it’s a shame that JazzGruff’s JJ3 patch, aka “The Unofficial Jazz 3 Patch” or “The Jazz 3D Enhanced Patch,” doesn’t get more coverage. Doubly a shame now that the project has just shut down.

The patch promises all the traditional features you’d expect from such a work, ranging from lots of (sometimes subtle) bug fixes up to improved physics, camera, graphics, difficulty, and so on. Visit the JCF thread for the most recent download, as well as more screenshots and a couple of gameplay videos. JazzGruff says that other people are free to take this and continue to improve on it in the future, to make JJ3 better still, so long as they credit him for his existing work.

EDIT: If you’ve been having troubles downloading it, JazzGruff just posted an updated package that should set you right.