Jazz2Online Credits

Envisioned by GraphixJJF and FQuist, Jazz2Online was originally created by four people: FQuist, Bobby, and Cheeze (Coding), and GraphixJJF (Layout and content). It was released to the public on August 2nd, 2000. At that time, Universe Jazz (operated by Alienator, Nebula and others) had just shut down. The community did not have a central site anymore. Jazz2online was rushed to its release and filled the gap left behind by Alienator's site.

In mid-2004, Jazz 2 Online has gotten a complete recode. Lead by FQuist, Bobby, Link and Nebula, we have recoded every single aspect of the site. It focuses on the original's weaknesses, improving them. It also features a brand new layout, thanks to Ovi Demetrian (GotToSeeIt.com), who also did the original layout for Jazz2Online.

Since then, Jazz2Online has evolved gradually, its development currently lead by Stijn, with cooba and Violet CLM on content administration duty.

We hope you will enjoy the new Jazz2Online!

The Team (Listed Alphabetically):

Inactive or retired team members (a thousand thanks to them)

  • Bobby aka Dizzy - Founder, Coding, Miscellaneous
  • BlurredD - Coding
  • Cheeze - Founder, Coding
  • Cmdr Dats - Coding, Miscellaneous
  • ElectroPiZZa - Beta Testing
  • Evilmike - Content, Miscellaneous
  • FQuist (Frank Quist) - Founder, Project Organization, Coding, Content, Miscellaneous
  • GraphixJJF (Ovi Demetrian) - Founder, Graphics, Content, Miscellaneous
  • Ice M A N - Beta Testing
  • iCeD - Coding, Miscellaneous
  • LAbRaTkiD - News poster
  • Link - Coding, content, Miscellaneous
  • Nebula - Coding, Miscellaneous
  • Newspaz - Content, Miscellaneous
  • Spaztic - Beta Testing
  • Trafton - Content Editor, Moderation

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