About - Creation of Jazz Jackrabbit

The creators of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 have worked very hard to bring us a great game. So, it's only right to give them a little credit for their hard work and dedication. That's what this section of the website is all about: Giving credit to the team by showing you what they went through during the creation process along with the history of the game and the story of Jazz.

Learn about the creation of this game! How did the creators start building this game?
Who designed this game, and how were the levels made? This page mostly tells you how the programming work was split up.
Read what Nick Stadler and Dean Dodrill did during development. This face is Alexander Brandon's. Learn more about Jazz Jackrabbit 2's musician here
There's a great story behind every great game! Only great games get a sequel...

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First, go through what the creators went through as you find out how the game was made. From the beginning, the design of the game, to the programming behind it, to the visuals, and to its sound. Take a look at what each person on the team went through it doing their part.

Next, find out a bit about the history of Jazz Jackrabbit by finding out about its prequel, Jazz Jackrabbit 1. And finally, read the story that takes you from where the first game left off, to the dungeon that you begin the next adventure in.