About - The Story

When we last left our hero, Jazz had rescued Princess Eva Earlong from the clutches of the dastardly Devan Shell, foiling the maniacal turtle's plan to take control of the planet Carrotus.
In gratitude, the rabbit king and queen made Jazz a prince and granted him Eva's hand in marriage.
Unfortunately, as the cliche goes, it's darn hard to keep a criminally insane turtle down for long. Especially one who makes sure to always have a backup diabolical plot in the wings in case his primary diabolical plot is thwarted by some do-gooder superhero. With an appalling disregard for wedding etiquette, Devan and his goons crashed Jazz and Eva's royal wedding reception, swiped Eva's 12-carrot diamond wedding ring, and fled.
Enraged at her new son-in-law's failure to defeat Devan once and for all, and socially humiliated by the trashing of her daughter's wedding, the rabbit queen had Jazz thrown into the palace dungeon.

Catch up to Devan and stop him before he turns history on its ear!

Mister Sandman, bring me a dream. Before Jazz2...