About - Before Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Jazz Jackrabbit 1

Obviously, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 had a prequel named Jazz Jackrabbit. The original Jazz Jackrabbit was released way back in 1994! It received some great reviews from critics, and almost every nerd on the net has played part one since the shareware version was very popular. The full version, however, was less popular, mostly because it was never actually available in stores. It was only was available through mail order.

The Story

Remember The Tortoise and the Hare? Well, it's 3000 years later and they're still at it! The nerdy, yet powerful tortoise king Devan Shell has kidnapped the beautiful rabbit princess, Eva Earlong, and has inhabited the galaxy with his looting goons! Is all hope lost for the galactic rabbits? No way! Not while Jazz Jackrabbit is around!

The rabbits want revenge and it's your job to get it! You have to save Eva Earlong and prevent Devan Shell from financing his maniacal plot of Turtle Domination by swiping the treasures out from under his slimy beak. This wild treasure hunt spans enormous worlds filled with perilous dangers. Are you up for it?

The Team

The development team of Jazz Jackrabbit was very similar to the one of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Either way, it is worth introducing them. From the left to the right: Robert Allen, Cliff Bleszinski, Arjan Brussee and Nick Stadler.

Robert Allen made all the spiffy tunes in the game which helped to make it such a success. At the time of the creation of Jazz Jackrabbit 1, he was running a software company named Safari software. In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Robert just was the producer.

Not only Cliff Bleszinski's last name is weird, but his designing talents are as well. After all, who else would come up with a green rabbit and name him Jazz? Who allowed him to do the same work on Jazz Jackrabbit 2 anyway? ;-P

Arjan Brussee used to be part of the demo scene. When some Epic employee saw his l33t programming talents, they didn't know how fast to send him an email! Arjan currently works for Lost Boys games, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

As you can see above, Nick Stadler is an awesome artist. He joined the Jazz Jackrabbit team quite late in development, but redid almost all of the art, within a very short time period, in his own style. He also did all the cool animation and environments that you play through in Jazz Jackrabbit 2!

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