Jazz2Online news for September 2013

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Permalink NEW POLL September 24th 2013

How do you prefer (other people's) multiplayer level downloads?
One level at a time 15 votes (48%)
Two or three levels 2 votes (6%)
A large pack all of the same gamemode 11 votes (35%)
A whole bunch of assorted levels from several different gamemodes 3 votes (9%)
Total votes: 31

Jazz Jackrabbit levels are best taken in small doses.

On to more pressing matters. Arjan and Cliff obviously envisioned Jazz as a fan of Jazz music. I mean, it’s right there in his name! But what if Jazz hadn’t been an option? What if Arjan really hated saxophones? What then??? How would they have named the hero of the game we all love? Let’s find out.


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Quick news bit:

Continuing the nostalgia trip, Torkell found a copy of the Good Ole War Tavern (Jazz2City's Jazz Jackrabbit fan fiction section) from 2000, which was still missing from our archived version of J2C. I've put it online here (warning: 1990s webdesign)! Stijn

Permalink J2Ov1 news now available in archive form September 10th 2013

If you feel like going on a nostalgia trip, knock yourself out, as I’ve (finally?) imported the news from the first version of Jazz2Online, which happened to be sitting in some dark, unused corner of the J2O webspace, into the current site’s news system. So you can now read news back to 2001 in our news archives! This will mostly be interesting for those who have been around for a really long time, think 10+ years.

(also this means Dethman’s infamous statement about the JMMB’s closing is available again, praise the lord)