J2Ov1 news now available in archive form

10 Sep 2013 at 02:25

If you feel like going on a nostalgia trip, knock yourself out, as I’ve (finally?) imported the news from the first version of Jazz2Online, which happened to be sitting in some dark, unused corner of the J2O webspace, into the current site’s news system. So you can now read news back to 2001 in our news archives! This will mostly be interesting for those who have been around for a really long time, think 10+ years.

(also this means Dethman’s infamous statement about the JMMB’s closing is available again, praise the lord)

- Stijn


cooba on 10 Sep 2013 at 08:41

The comments got lost :(

Stijn on 10 Sep 2013 at 10:31

Yes :(

Jerrythabest on 10 Sep 2013 at 21:48

Irreversibly lost?

Stijn on 10 Sep 2013 at 21:53

They weren’t in my earliest backup (from 2008), so unless someone else has an even older backup, I’m afraid they are. I’ll poke FQuist next time I see him.

Violet CLM on 11 Sep 2013 at 00:43

inb4 “What’s a JMMB?”

Slaz on 11 Sep 2013 at 11:41

Thou shalt find thy comments if thee praise thy lord! :P

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