Jazz2Online news for October 2006

Permalink New tileset contest October 23rd 2006

PurpleJazz7 has decided to host a tileset contest. It’s got a fairly large variety of options, making the contest suitable for everyone’s style.

Option 1:
You can use as many colours as you like but it be only 100 tiles.

Option 2:
You can only use the Sprite colours (you aren’t allowed to edit them), but you can use 300 tiles.

Option 3: You can use any colours and 200 tiles but it must have Christmas theme.

Option 4: You can use any colours except the original sprite colours. These must be edited. You can use 250 tiles.

Option 5: You can use any colours but it can only be 10 tiles, like in NOKA’s The Smallest Tileset Ever

If you’re interested, post in the thread and get to making a tileset already!


Permalink Tour through Epic Games' Headquarters May 12th 2007

Suggested by Nimrod: CliffyB shows you around the Epic Games headquarters. Somewhat notable since the Jazz Jackrabbit games make a few minor cameos. Click through to the “The 1UP Show ‘Gears of War Special’” after clicking on the link.

This was posted on RabbitJournal on October 21st 2006. You can post, too!

Permalink Survey Says October 20th 2006

What is your favorite Single Player plot type?

Devan attacks something and Jazz/sibling must stop him! – 30 Votes (40%)

1998 post-release – 12 Votes (9%)

Jazz/sibling vs. someone/something other than Devan. – 16 Votes (12,2%)

Jazz universe, but playing as someone other than the Jackrabbit family. – 18 Votes (14%)

Something original and totally disconnected from the standard Jazz universe. – 20 Votes (15%)

Some complex story not really about fighting evil. – 19 Votes (14%)

No story at all, or just something fun/silly/pointless. – 6 Votes (5%)

Crossover or remake involving some other game or story. – 8 Votes (6%)

Remake of an existing pack, like RHG or TNJJ2 were to JJ2. – 5 Votes (4%)

Total votes: 132

wel, corny stories seem to be popular around here, so I guess it’s a good thing most levels do have such a corny story (those two things may be related though). Another noteworthy point is that this poll got 1 vote less than the previous poll that made sense (!)

New poll is about graphical tileset toolz!