Jazz2Online news for September 2006

Permalink Rules and guidelines of reviewing September 26th 2006

For the sake of convenience for both users and administrators of Jazz2Online, there’s now a comprehensible list of rules and guidelines of reviewing. All rules one needs to abide to are listed there, with some ones never written down before, so it’s worth a check.

If you’re new to the site, it’s highly reccomended that you read and understand what the list says. Even if you’re not new and know the concept of reviewing fairly well, it’s still a reccomended read.


Quick news bit:

There have been several broken .zip files uploaded to J2O lately. To prevent the uploaded .zip from breaking, please do not use apostrophes or spaces in the filenames, amongst other characters. From now on, all broken .zip files will be removed immediately and the uploader will be contacted about it. Cooba