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I’d betcha lots of us already know about that.
‘cuz I did!

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Which is more perfect?

Gizmo – 21 Votes (68%)

Chickens – 10 Votes (32%)

Total votes: 31

I seem to recall there was an age where Gizmo would lose by one every time, or something like that. How times have changed.
Anyway… yeah. Sorry for using J2O for that. Proper poll, What is your favorite Single Player plot type? Some of these answers probably overlap, and I’m probably missing something, but just try to answer somehow.


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When did you first become active in the JJ2 community?

Pre-release – 6 Votes (5%)

1998 post-release – 12 Votes (9%)

1999 – 19 Votes (14%)

2000 – 9 Votes (7%)

2001 – 9 Votes (7%)

2002 – 6 Votes (5%)

2003 – 13 Votes (10%)

2004 – 11 Votes (8%)

2005 – 18 Votes (14%)

2006 – 30 Votes (23%)

Total votes: 133

I’d call that a pretty healthy spread. I wonder if people who joined in 2003 could elaborate on their reasons at all… (JJA?)

This new poll is really just stupid, and I’m going to close it tomorrow, so vote quickly. Those of you who have no idea what the poll is about need not answer.
I hope I don’t get fired for this…


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Lots of news today, for a change. You sceptics will probably say we’ve been saving up, but no!

Jazz Jackrabbit 1: 12 years old
First, today is the 12th anniversary of the first game in the Jazz Jackrabbit series, Jazz Jackrabbit 1 – which means our beloved green bunny also celebrates his 12th birthday today. Though the game is 12 years old already, recently a level editor (JCS94) has been released for it, and community member Alister has developed an open-source version of it (OpenJazz) that has already been ported to several other platforms like handhelds and game consoles.

And, despite of everyone who opened a “sorry i leave the game is dead byu” thread, the community is still going strong, with as much as 18 (eighteen, yes) servers online today. We suggest that, in order to celebrate, everyone only plays Jazz Jackrabbit 1 today, thinking about how awesome the game is. wikipedia entry. If you for some mysterious reason never played this game (be ashamed already) you can check out the entry about it on the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia.

Also having its birthday: J2O
Second, Frank confirms that today is maybe also the birthday of this very site. It’s either the first or the second of August, but let’s just assume it is today because then I have an excuse to make this newspost a little longer. In six years, Jazz2Online evolved from this to this. To celebrate this, we suggest that you have J2O open while playing JJ1 all day long.

And in the closing paragraph we would like to request your attention for Cooba’s desperate call for participation in the LMAT August 2 project. For those ignorant of how cool LMAT is: it’s basically a tileset everyone can contribute to. So if you’d like to help creating a totally ultra cool tileset together with others, click that link and start adding tiles already!