Jazz2Online news for November 2006

Permalink The hideout going down November 30th 2006

Due to traffic problems with its host, Haze’s Hideout has been shut down for an indefinite amount of time.

From the evidence gathered so far it seems that the Hideout has been responsible for 80% of the total traffic for the domain this month. More frighteningly it only consisted out of a single file, the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 MAC shareware demo, being downloaded over and over again. Thus from the looks of it it was a deliberate attack, either on the Hideout or the Dutchfurs.com network.

More information in this thread.

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Permalink Hilarity ensues November 25th 2006

Source: fancy some coffee surveyman?

What program do you use to make tilesets?

Paint Shop Pro – 27 Votes (29%)

Photoshop – 12 Votes (13%)

The Gimp – 5 Votes (5%)

MSPAINT.EXE – 30 Votes (33%)

obligatory fun option – 18 Votes (20%)

Total votes: 92

looks like we have a clear winnar!

In the recent spirit of recreating the original JJ2 tilesets, (blablabla ensues), What tileset should be converted next, in your opinion?


Quick news bit:

The past few weeks have seen a large growth in the amount of comments posted (mostly in the pictures section) in foreign languages. The posters include side regulars. Please remember that this is an english-language site. Comments in foreign languages might be deleted (this has happened to the german picture section comments) or edited. FQuist (anglophile)

Permalink JCF Presidential Election November 17th 2006

Source: JCF Thread

The final poll of the 2006 JCF Presidential Election has been posted. If you haven’t already, go and vote for the party you think best deserves the position of ultimately powerless leader of the JCF. Available options are the House of Foo Party (Black Ninja/Elliot), the Fluffle Party (Becky/Violet) and the None of the Above Party (Niels/Stijn).

Cooba adds: The Fluffle Party has won the election, getting 24 votes out of 57, which constitutes 42.11%. Congratulations to Becky and Violet! Now go do nothing for the next year.


Permalink Neobeo interview November 4th 2006

Cooba has interviewed well-known utility creator Neobeo, who amongst other things is responsible for the Jazz Sprite Dynamite sprite editor and the reverse engineering of a lot of Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s file formats. The article can be found in our articles section, or, directly, here.


Permalink Featured Download! November 2nd 2006

Featured Download for October

Today one of the admins asked me if I could post a Featured Download each month. I accepted, so I got the job. And because I don’t like to post things late, I’m going to post something immediately.

Let’s start off by saying that this month was a month with quite some tilesets/tileset conversions. And the Featured Download of this month is a pack with tileset conversions, uploaded in two parts.

The Featured Download of this month is the JJ2 conversion pack(part 1 and part 2) by NOKA. I heard he was making new versions of these, but at the moment we have to do it with these. Other nice uploads this month are Zodiac by Chiyu and The Highlands by Olsen, but these conversions were better in my opinion.

This conversion pack contains 6 different versions of Tube Electric and Labrat, and 5 versions of Letni. The Tube Electric conversions have 950 tiles and more eye candy than the original version. Flashing lights, new bricks, a normal sky as background and new eye candy in different colours(like the yellow ground tiles in the original version of Tube Electric) Personally I like the first version of this conversion the most.

The Letni conversions have tiles the Tube Electric version also has. But it’s the best Letni conversion so far. I have seen one level with this tileset other than the example level, and that level used the tileset really well. But to not go off-topic, I’ll just say that I like the conversions of Letni.

The Labrat conversions don’t have lots of new tiles, they have less tiles than Labrat 1 but more than Labrat 1 Night and Labrat 3. 3 other conversions have been included, and I probably like 4 the most. 6 has weird colours in my opinion.

Overall, these conversions are really nice. I immediately used one of the Tube Electric conversions. If there will be new conversions, I’ll probably edit this review. I think that we might expect new conversions by NOKA sometime.

This was my first Featured Download. Until next month!