Jazz2Online news for December 2006

Permalink Happy New Year December 31st 2006

Have a happy new year’s and a good 2007! Let’s hope this one will be a good one for the game and the community.


Quick news bit:

The end of the year is nigh - remember to vote in the JCS Awards 2006.

Permalink 1.23+ Xmas Release December 24th 2006

After several months of work, the most advanced fan-made jj2 patch ever has been released. On top of fixing a large number of problematic bugs in Jazz2, it also adds a number of features such as reduced cpu power needed to run the game, increased server control through commands you type in the chat field, chatlogging, and even a couple of extra game modes (though if you really want extra game modes, Carrotade provides a greater number). It also has all functionality of NeoAC built into it.

This is only an early release of the patch: it’s still being worked on, with more features to come. This is just a special christmas present from Grytolle to everyone in the Jazz Jackrabbit community.

Of course, this means there might still be a few minor bugs in it, but overall the patch is stable and you shouldn’t expect serious problems such as crashes. Still, it is reccomended that you back up your jazz2.exe, just in case.

This patch is not compatible with TSF. It is also not compatible with NeoAC (which is built into this patch), or Carrotade. You will need to use your original jazz2.exe for this.

JCF thread
Download link


Permalink Happy Holidays December 23rd 2006

On behalf of the J2O staff, happy holidays.


Quick news bit:

The picture section is made only for photos showing the author. No photos of author's friends or pets. Game screenshots are also unallowed, and will be deleted. Cooba

Permalink Jazz2Online e-mailer fixed December 22nd 2006

It seems like e-mail problems for both jazz2online and the forums have been resolved, now. Please do message us when you are (still) having problems.

Due to the e-mail outage of the last week or so, newly registered users at both Jazz2Online and the JCF will not have been sent their passwords (Jazz2Online) or their activation codes (JCF). We will look into methods to resolve this, if possible. If you want your activation code or password to be sent earlier, please contact me by e-mail. You can find all contact information in my profile.

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Permalink EC2007 Plans in Full Swing December 21st 2006

Source: The Internet grapevine

The yearly meeting of American Jazz 2 players, this year known as East Coast 2007, or EC2007, is scheduled to take place sometime this summer. The most likely date is the traditional August 1st-7th. Currently, the most likely location is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I would like to ask that all of those considering attending take this survey so we can get an accurate estimate about how many people will show up, their needs and so on. I hope to see you all there, and I know that it will be just as great as the last years’ have been!


Permalink Jazz2Online e-mail broke December 20th 2006

For an unknown reason, Jazz2Online is currently not able to send out any e-mails to users. This includes e-mails to confirm your registration. Please either wait with registering until this problem has been solved, or contact an administrator after registering to get a password.

We are working on resolving this problem and it should be fixed soon. -Bobby

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Permalink And the winner is... December 18th 2006

Carrotade, server tool application by BlurredD has been just uploaded. Currently it surpasses both Project Controller and Forest in terms of flexibility and functionality, so it’s definitely a must-have. Plus, updates are likely, so stay tuned.


Permalink JCS Awards 2006 December 15th 2006

R3ptile has posted the voting thread for the annual JCS Awards and is asking for votes for awards such as Best Level Pack, Best CTF Level and Best Tileset. This is the 3rd year in a row he is giving out the awards. Be sure to vote.


Permalink Now something which should make sense December 14th 2006

What tileset should be converted next, in your opinion?

Inferno – 14 Votes (19%)

diamondus! – 7 Votes (10%)

Holiday Hare 98 – 12 Votes (17%)

Crysilis – 14 Votes (19%)

_I apologise for not making an interesting poll D=_ – 15 Votes (21%)

Cornflake 01 – 5 Votes (7%)

tendonitis.j2t – 5 Votes (7%)

Total votes: 72

Well uh yeah, I can’t do more than than agree with the option which has won. This poll was done when I was kind of hyper ;|

Anyway, this should make for a better question, if a little uninteresting: What are you doing for this year’s holidays?


Permalink Haze's Hideout is back up December 14th 2006

Source: Haze

Two weeks ago, Haze’s Hideout went down for an indefinite period due to bandwith issues. It’s back up now. Enjoy the site!


Permalink New administrator December 10th 2006

We’re welcoming a new administrator to our team. After having done a fine job as downloads administrator, Cooba is going to help maintain the rest of our site, too, in an admin capacity. Which is a good thing, as the site hasn’t exactly had a large amount of administration activity lately, with Cooba being the notable exception. Give him a warm welcome!


Quick news bit:

Do not download files multiple times just to rise up the upload's download counter. We will find out and will give out warnings if such a case occurs. Cooba

Permalink Community Episode December 7th 2006

Source: Sacrush

The community episode project, which has been inactive for several past months, has been brang back to life just yesterday by Sacrush.

The creator can choose the person who needs to make the next level, if the creator is unable to choose somebody or can’t get anyone who want’s everybody who signed in to create a level can volunteer.

So far, several people have declared to actively participate. Anyone’s free to join them, so sign up here now!


Permalink Featured Download of November! December 1st 2006

Hello everyone! Another month has started, and that means that it’s time for a Featured Download. Today we have something you probably don’t expect from me if you know me. Before I’m going to tell what the Featured Download is, I’ll give some uploads that deserve mention as well.

At first, we have two tileset conversions by P4ul. Inferno 2.0 & Jungle 2.0 are two nice conversions that are waiting for you to use them. Also, Snooze made a CTF level called Teacup. It’s one of the better CTF levels of the last months. Olsen’s Distant Thunders is waiting for a review as well. It deserves it. But enough talking now, up to the Featured Download!

The Featured Download of November is… a Single Player level by Violet CLM, and if you know me you know I’m not too fond of Single Player levels. But this is an exception. The level I’m talking about is Shade Castle, a fun level that was pretty hard for me(but I’m not too good in Single Player) so an average player should find it easier than me. I managed to complete the level though.

First of all, this level uses an underused tileset called Eternal Agony(Light version) a tileset that’s very hard to use according to the tileset creator. But in this level, Violet CLM used the tileset better than ever. The level’s eye candy is just brilliant. Layer 5 has lots of stuff, and not everything is the same on every place. If you don’t believe that the eye candy is so good, the screenshot that I made should tell something.

But now, I’m going to tell something about the level itself. The main concept is that you need to get 10 coins before you can go to a warp with the end boss. The coins are placed on some nice places where you need to do something. Something that striked me was that there are no check points before you got 10 coins. You can go many ways in the level, I like that. The enemies are placed pretty nice, there are not too many and not too few. The little spikes were a bit hard to avoid at first, but now I’m used to them. It took some time till I found out some things, like the trigger crate with the TNT. There were enough carrots in the level, but maybe too little ammo. It worked out very well for me though. The food in the level was really nice as well. There were also some secrets, like a gem stomp I found when I had a sugar rush and hit something. That was pretty funny. I also liked the gems in the level, they filled up the level’s events.

Overall this level is a really nice level with an original tileset that has great eye candy, a layout with many ways and great event placement. The level has a 9.2 now, and there is no upload that beat that this month. I’m not looking at the rating, but this was definitely the best upload this month.

Note: might be bad quality. Screenshot taken when I started with the level.
(Added links to uploads mentioned. ~Violet)

Edit: Thanks for the edit. Also removed the sentence about the html codes.