Jazz2Online news for May 2004

Permalink Various Problems May 27th 2004

There are various problems throughout J2O with MySQL and query problems. In particular it appears that the JCF isn’t quite working. We’re doing what we can to fix this. However right now I’m not sure how much we can do because I believe it is related to server downtime by the hosting company. Thanks for your patience.
Update: I believe that all problems on the main part of jazz2online.com are fixed. If you see a problem in any of the users, downloads, pictures, articles, links etc please tell me through email (bobby.a@att.net), private message, or leave a comment here. The JCF however is still experiencing some problems which may take a little longer to resolve.
Edit #2: I believe that a few people have been “lost” meaning that they were deleted from the database. So far I have heard this happened to DarkShadow and I was able to restore is username. If you are unable to log into J2O anymore please send me an email and I will do my best to recover your username. Do not reregister.

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Permalink Level Contest Results May 15th 2004

All the submissions to FireSword’s level contest are in. However, the winner is now up to everyone who votes in the poll. I encourage everyone to go here and pick your favorite level. You have one week to choose your favorite level. The poll will close at May 22nd, 2004 at 11:26 AM EST so don’t waste any time! Best of luck to Violet, BlurredD, and Snooz!
For a description of all the level submitted, click here.
Edit: The poll has now ended. BlurredD won. For more information, go here.

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Permalink Level Contest May 9th 2004

Source: JCF Thread
You probably already knew about this, but Moonblaze wanted it posted here, so whatever:
FireSworD is having a level contest. There are about six days remaining. Just make the best non-TSF level you can. For more details, see the above thread.
Edit: The contest has now ended. The results are pending, but will probably be posted in the above thread when finished. Have a nice worry session.

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