Jazz2Online news for June 2004

Permalink Get funky June 29th 2004

In a few days, on the third of July, another International JJ2 Real Life meating meeting will take place in the Hague, Netherlands, called “BEACH MEETING !!! LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN”. Well, maybe not called like that but it should be since every one of these meetings in the past has had it’s own weird name.
Now, courtesy of Mirrow and SlaYo for the main site design and content and FQuist for editing, the updated beach meeting site is up. Go visit it and visit people like Mirrow (Germany), SlaYo (the Netherlands), Toxicbunny (Luxembourg/Scotland), Disguise (England), Newspaz (NL), Vegito (NL) and others. Included bonus: meat all the european J2O admins and give them a good beating.
OH. You can also find the topic about the “BEACH MEETING !!! LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN” meeting here.
The site
ADDENDUM: The place where the participants are collected in the run up to going to the beach (time to be there is 10:30) is in The Hague Central Station in front of the Free Record Shop. And before people get themselves into trouble, the records in this shop are not GRATIS.
POST-MEETING UPDATE: It was a lot of fun. We didn’t exactly have “LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN” because of the weather but we had a great time bowling. Talk about how the meeting went is here. Several hundreds of pictures included. Plans for the next year’s EU meeting can be found in this topic. There’s a US meeting in the works, info is located in here. We hope to see you again in het volgende jaar!

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Permalink Tileset Competition Poll June 24th 2004

Olsen is now accepting votes for the tileset competition he launched in this topic. There are three competitors, Violet CLM, Disguise, and Toxic Bunny. All tilesets in the competition can be found in the Downloads section of J2O. Please look at them before rating. Good luck to all of the competitors!

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Permalink New IRC Channel for JDC June 20th 2004

I recommend you all come to the new #jdc IRC channel on QuakeNet. Here, you can hear about event information and organize duels with other players. Also, spontaneous events may be organized there. Find out more here!

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Permalink JDC Dueling Season Now Open June 20th 2004

The JDC dueling season is now open. Now duel. Or else.
A reminder that the first JDC event of the year starts in 45 minutes. Please activate your JDC accounts at the JDC site if you haven’t already.
The first European event will be at 12 PM GMT -8 tomorrow. Please download files before joining. They are available at the JDC site too.

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Permalink New JDC season (finally) starting June 17th 2004

A new JDC season is slated to begin this Saturday, on the 19th of June. There have been a few changes to the site, as well as the tournament in general. Among the changes are a faster database (so it doesn’t take you forever to submit duels), a files page and a few scoring changes which should make it easier to get points and make it farer. You can read the new information here.
Update: The website is now fully updated for the new season. All accounts have been deactivated. To reactivate your account, you simply have to log in. The system will then add your name to the active users list. You do not have to make a new account. If you forgot your password, please contact me or another JDC admin so we can change it for you. You have to have an active account to participate, so please log in now if you plan on playing in JDC.

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Permalink More On the New Server June 8th 2004

There are a few remaining problems caused by the move in servers, but for the most part it seems to have been a successful transfer. The known bugs list can be found here. It is very short, mostly because it consists only of those I am aware of. Please add any you may find there.
As included in that topic, commenting doesn’t work on news posts, so don’t bother with this one. We assure you that we are working on this and will have it fixed as soon as possible (well – other people are working on it – I’m just sort of sitting here not knowing how any of this works.)
A number of things posted after the final backup were lost in the move. My apologies to anyone who was affected by this – your content was not deleted on purpose or anything of the sort.
Again, thank you all for your patience. Hopefully the downtime problems will disappear after this move.

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Permalink New Server June 8th 2004

We’ve just moved servers. There may be some problems here as a result of the move, but we’re working on getting everything back to normal. If you notice any problems, post a comment here or tell an administrator.

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Permalink What happened? June 7th 2004

Why was J2O down and replaced by a message about contacting the sales/billing department for several days?
About two weeks ago probably while our host was upgrading the server software our Database – the place where all information is stored – became corrupted. This caused all the crashing of the JCF, but the database also crashed our server – which includes all the other websites hosted there. You can understand the host didn’t like that.
While we were trying to fix the JCF and while backing up (pretty useful thing to do when your site is crashing) apparently due to bugs and the corruption our site started really crashing our host’s server and making all the other tons of sites not work. So, we got shut down. It was not a problem caused by us not paying our bills like many people seem to think because of the message (which is just a generic message).
We’re on a semi-dedicated server right now – a much better one – so we should have less problems with performance. The JCF will still be down for a short period of time while we investigate how we can best fix it.
Please have patience in the meantime.

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Permalink More JCF Problems June 1st 2004

Unfortunately the database that the JCF used became corrupted and the JCF will be down until we are able either fix it or put a backup in place. Until this time however the JCF will not be working (or partially working as it had been) because the database had been causing problems for the entire server. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
Note to other administrators: Incase we need a complete backup, please tell me the date of the most current backup that you have of the JCF database and whether or not it is corrupt. Thanks.

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