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29 Jun 2004 at 20:37

In a few days, on the third of July, another International JJ2 Real Life meating meeting will take place in the Hague, Netherlands, called “BEACH MEETING !!! LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN”. Well, maybe not called like that but it should be since every one of these meetings in the past has had it’s own weird name.
Now, courtesy of Mirrow and SlaYo for the main site design and content and FQuist for editing, the updated beach meeting site is up. Go visit it and visit people like Mirrow (Germany), SlaYo (the Netherlands), Toxicbunny (Luxembourg/Scotland), Disguise (England), Newspaz (NL), Vegito (NL) and others. Included bonus: meat all the european J2O admins and give them a good beating.
OH. You can also find the topic about the “BEACH MEETING !!! LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN” meeting here.
The site
ADDENDUM: The place where the participants are collected in the run up to going to the beach (time to be there is 10:30) is in The Hague Central Station in front of the Free Record Shop. And before people get themselves into trouble, the records in this shop are not GRATIS.
POST-MEETING UPDATE: It was a lot of fun. We didn’t exactly have “LONGDRINKS, BIKINIS & FUN” because of the weather but we had a great time bowling. Talk about how the meeting went is here. Several hundreds of pictures included. Plans for the next year’s EU meeting can be found in this topic. There’s a US meeting in the works, info is located in here. We hope to see you again in het volgende jaar!

- Mr. Admin man


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