What happened?

7 Jun 2004 at 15:35

Why was J2O down and replaced by a message about contacting the sales/billing department for several days?
About two weeks ago probably while our host was upgrading the server software our Database – the place where all information is stored – became corrupted. This caused all the crashing of the JCF, but the database also crashed our server – which includes all the other websites hosted there. You can understand the host didn’t like that.
While we were trying to fix the JCF and while backing up (pretty useful thing to do when your site is crashing) apparently due to bugs and the corruption our site started really crashing our host’s server and making all the other tons of sites not work. So, we got shut down. It was not a problem caused by us not paying our bills like many people seem to think because of the message (which is just a generic message).
We’re on a semi-dedicated server right now – a much better one – so we should have less problems with performance. The JCF will still be down for a short period of time while we investigate how we can best fix it.
Please have patience in the meantime.

- The admin team


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